Emerse Labs – Programmatic A/B testing of Ad Creatives

Introducing Emerse Labs. Enabling your team to upload ads in for example HTML5 format, define parameters/variables in them that you’d want to test various variations for and provide the values you’d want to test. Our system will then run the various ad adaptations programmatically to audiences you choose and test which edition has the simplest functionality, comparable to conversions or click because of rate. You get real time stats on which ads carry out best. Our tool can be used seamlessly together with our DSP to buy the placements or with other buying structures.

Each individual will see no more than one variation of the ad in the course of the test. The platform also calculates statistical metrics that provide you with guidance in regards to the safeguard of your results, recommendations on what number of impressions you are looking to buy and so forth. Using Emerse Labs you can for instance test various copy, images, colors or another features in the ad. The tool is at once built-in with the Emerse DSP so which you can target your A/B tests to any viewers, publisher and ad format.

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