Effective type of marketing strategy for now

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Effective type of marketing strategy for now

Effective type of marketing strategy for now

When discussing various types of marketing strategies, it sounds like a simple, because most people still start a business with the assumption that promotion and marketing are very easy to do, only just do advertisements in the media and prospective consumers will come. In fact, marketing strategies are not as simple as that, and in fact the marketing strategy is very complex.

What’s more in the digital era where the media seen by many people is not just radio, newspapers or television. If in some ways conventional alone marketing strategies have been divided into several parts, especially in the digital era where the media that exists is very diverse.

Of course, there will be more marketing strategies that must be done. As a businessman you have to work hard in determining what marketing strategies are right for your business. In order to make it easier for you, here are we segregated 10 types of effective marketing strategies to be carried out in the digital era like today so that your business can compete with other competitors.

Types of marketing strategies in the digital era

1. Cloud Marketing

Cloud Marketing is a form of marketing done digitally, which is personalized and integrated to improve the experience of customers. Cloud Marketing will also bring all resources and assets of companies in the online world. This marketing strategy is a basic form of selling online.

The aim is to be able to reach your customers wherever they are, both when they do activities on social media, check their respective e-mails, or visit your website.

While the benefits of carrying out the Cloud Marketing strategy are as follows:

  • Understand Customer Journey.

Cloud Marketing will make it easier for you to measure various customers from when they interact with your business, until they get the product they want. All of these data will be integrated, so it will make it easier for you to use it.

  • Predict marketing and business results

Cloud Marketing produced by a raksaksa company like Google was apparently able to be used to predict business results that you have been running. This will make it easier for you to get a clear value about how the violations will be involved with your business.

  • Make more Personal Campaigns and Customer Experience

Every customer will certainly prefer advertising campaigns that make their experiences more personal. Why? Because the various ad campaigns in the world today almost make all customers get a similar experience and there is no difference.

2. Online Marketing

Just as the name suggests, online marketing is one of the marketing strategies that use internet technology. Marketing activities carried out aim to get the attention of consumers by utilizing social media, websites, emails, to augmented reality.

This strategy can be done with paid advertising, quality content, or simple posts in online media. Usually, one posion uploaded on the internet is capable of accessible by hundreds and even millions of people around the world. By using online marketing, from anywhere your business comes from, you have the opportunity to get the attention of your customers widely.

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3. Close range marketing

This marketing strategy will utilize a device that is able to manage WiFi and Bluetooth features such as smartphones or laptops. In a close range marketing strategy, the company will try to use Bluetooth and WiFi to send advertisements, products or services directly to consumers as they will shop.

If consumers choose or click the “OK” button, then they will give permission to the company to be able to send more messages with a special offer.

4. Call to Action Marketing

CTA or Call to Action Marketing is one of the marketing strategies that use a statement that has previously been designed to get a direct response from customers who have read, or hear it. Some examples are “Click Now”, “BUY NOW”, “Watch Now”, etc. The goal is of course to get a click or a certain conversion.

5. Email marketing.

Just as the name suggests, this marketing strategy will use email as a media advertising. In general, those who use this method will send emails to prospective customers or on loyal customers. The aim is to be able to offer its products to new consumers, provide the latest product information, and establish a good relationship with customers.

Email Marketing is one of the effective strategies because it is able to build personal relationships and promotional emails can directly enter the inbox of prospective customers.

6. Augmented Reality Marketing

The focus carried out in augmented reality marketing strategy is to provide a unique experience to customers by utilizing the latest technology. Augmented Reality is a marketing method used by adding digital components that make customers able to see products directly with only camera help.

In a marketing activity, the company that uses this technology will make its customers try the company’s products virtually before finally buying.

7. Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is one of the marketing strategies made to make customer experience more valuable and will have positive results in your business world. In order for this purpose to be on target, there are several steps to do, and these steps are divided into three main stages, namely attracting (attract), inviting (engage), and fun (delight).

8. Content Marketing.

Quoted from the official Forbes page, Content Marketing is one of the marketing strategies in producing and disseminating relevant content, more value, and also consistent in order to attract the attention of consumers to be addressed. However, Content Marketing is not just about producing content for customers who are very thirsty for information.

Neil Patel believes that the content marketing also has a goal in building good relationships with consumers in a long period of time. For this reason, you must produce relevant content so that the audience feels need and ultimately have strong emotional closeness with the content you make.

Simple example is the idea of ​​making video content produced by the Content Marketing Institute in 2017. They are one of the sources of valid and largest data analysis on YouTube, why? because they present content in statistical form. In fact, they have expanded it by holding podcasts. Things are done to build strong relationships with customers.

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From this example it can almost be sure that CMI is able to make content that is consistent with prospective customers or loyal customers, as well as rated relevant and not out of its business path.

9. Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a form of marketing on the internet which is done to increase webiste visibility on search engine pages with a website promotion activity. In other words, you buy a traffic by paying for search engines like Google.

This marketing strategy is considered quite effective because today’s search engines have been accessed by many people, both to find information on product and service and review. By utilizing SEM strategies, the marketer will be able to increase the possibility of prospective customers in visiting the website when looking for a particular information.

10. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a product marketing effort that utilizes the social media platform. At present, palanggans throughout the world also tend to look for products or services through social media, so not only on search engines. By visiting customers and interacting with them through social media, it will provide an extraordinarily positive effect on your business.

So, what are you ready to run one of the types of marketing strategies above?

After you know the various types of marketing strategies that are suitable to apply at this time, then now is the time for you to choose what strategies are most suitable for your company, then look at further about the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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