Effective Marketing Penetrates Youth Target Market

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Effective Marketing Penetrates Youth Target Market

Effective Marketing Penetrates Youth Target Market

Talking about young people, this generation will inherit trillions of rupiah and have high natural purchasing power potential. Very tempting, right? That is why there are so many products and trends that have been developed to meet the target market for young people. But of course, every effort that is made will face challenges. And the challenge faced when having a target market for young people is how to follow their fast-paced lives.

Their trends run like lightning and you have to be prepared for any changes and innovations to keep up with them. If you do it successfully, you will get long-term loyalty. When you are old enough to be a marketer, you will be far from the mindset of young people who are your target market. Therefore all efforts must start from now. To accompany your steps in attracting young people as a very potential target market, here is Froggyads to share how effective it is.

Listen to Your Customers

The young consumers you are targeting are much smarter and more critical than you might think. They know what they want and do not hesitate to inform them directly through the media used. They are painstakingly looking for information about the desired product before finally deciding to buy.

If you listen to this desire it will be very helpful in developing the product to sell well in the market. Today’s digital media allows you to directly ask consumers instead of just guessing. So that when these young people buy, they not only like the product but also feel part of the product.

Can Adapt to New Platforms

Young people are the first generation to accept new things related to access to technology. They absorb quickly and directly interact with various platforms. Like this generation, your business must also be ready to accept new things and adapt to new platforms. Pay attention and study the behavior of target consumers on each platform and adjust the marketing materials and content that will be provided to make it more relevant and interesting.

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Use Inbound Marketing

Lure your target consumers “in” voluntarily into your marketing efforts with inbound marketing. According to statistical data, 84% of the younger generation do not like advertising and only 1% can be influenced by conventional advertising. Based on this fact your business is expected to have a more revolutionary marketing strategy. Focus your marketing with inbound marketing that attracts potential customers with quality, useful content.

This is better than forcing them to see ads with material they don’t like at all. With quality content, potential consumers will be attracted by the benefits. This process will occur naturally without interrupting activities.

Interact with Consumers

Business owners must understand how important two-way communication is too young consumers. You are required to regularly monitor the activities on each platform used, be it Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on. Immediately reply to various positive and negative consumer comments. Communicate with them as often as possible.

Invite consumers to interact, ask questions, provide useful information and take your time to share with them. If you are observant, you can get promotional ideas and products from these consumer replies.

Make Consumers Curious

Curiosity makes people tend to want to try something even if it’s dangerous for them. Likewise, with products, consumers will more often see your promotional content or intend to buy your product because they are curious about what you are making. Intriguing consumers can be through various means and media. You can create unique product packaging, striking store decorations, create teasers for new products, clickable blog article titles, and so on.

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Diligent in Innovating and Updating Products

The rapid development of technology and changes in information and other fast-paced habits in daily activities make young people tend to get bored easily. They will satisfy their curiosity by enjoying something continuously for a certain period. So that it makes it easier to feel bored afterward.

To anticipate consumer boredom, innovation and product updates are needed regularly. But the innovation doesn’t need to be too big which will make it difficult for you.

Create Something Limited Edition

In the past, limited edition labels were used for luxury goods at exorbitant prices. But now this rarely applies and products with limited edition labels have mushroomed. Most of the limited edition labels that are attached to the product function as an attraction for consumers and are quite effective.

This is a marketing gimmick but it doesn’t hurt to try your hand at your product. Limited editions can be realized through product packaging, raw materials, taste, design, and appearance that is different and more unique than conventional products.

Ensure Easy To Order Online

Young people spend most of their time interacting in cyberspace. That’s why this generation spends more money online than any other age group. This means you need to make your sales easy to order online. Besides ordering, you also need to make it easier for consumers with online payment methods as well.

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