Effective Email Marketing for Your MSME Business

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Effective Email Marketing for Your MSME Business

Effective Email Marketing for Your MSME Business

Marketing jobs of a smaller scale business can be challenging. Problems related to small businesses often occur around how to expand the market at minimal costs. And how to get a stable profit every month.

Many small and medium businesses see the benefits of email marketing. This is because email marketing campaigns are very cost-effective and easy to use. But do you already know how many types of email marketing are for businesses? Here are 3 types of email marketing that you need to know and can use in your business:

  • Invitation email

The invitation email is a type of email marketing that is used to keep clients updated on upcoming events. This type of email can be sent the week or day before an event or event as a way to encourage subscribers to attend.

  • Email Digest

Digest Email is a marketing email that will automatically be generated by an electronic mailing list. With this email we can also determine the period the email is used for, for example, the day, week, month, and so on. Or this email can also limit recipients, for example, 10 or 100 in a single message sending.

  • Newsletter

Newsletters are a quick way to keep your subscribers informed through any upcoming business news or promotions. Newsletters can be sent repeatedly, for example, every week or once a month.

After you know the types of email marketing, what you need to know next are the important points when sending marketing emails to customers. Because most people won’t always read your email if that person “sniffs” a promotional smell. Here are tips for making email marketing effective for your small business:

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1. an Email subject

One of the most important points in email marketing is the subject or title of the email. For that, the email subject must be really interesting and contain a call. Never underestimate an email subject if you want your email marketing to be opened, read, and responded to.

2. Display email

Not all emails that are opened because the title is interesting will invite people to read it through and make the person respond to your email. Based on a study conducted by the Direct Marketing Association, 88% of people who open emails like the appearance of an email in the form of HTML content, and 12% like the appearance or content of an email in the form of text.

3. Request personal data

When you want to compile a list database, you will definitely include personal data forms in email marketing. Try to only get the most important personal data, such as email addresses, to increase the number of subscribers on your site. Because the personal data you ask for is too much and is not really needed, it will make customers hesitate to provide information about themselves, especially with the rampant misuse of information on the internet today.

4. Customer testimonials

One way to increase the effectiveness of subscribing to email on your site is to include social proof. Those of you who have a small-scale business can do this by including photos of satisfied customers or testimonials from people who have well-known names on your site. It aims to provide information about email in the hope that you will provide valuable information that potential customers are looking for.

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5. Promo prizes

You can offer gifts to people who subscribe. With special discount codes and other promos that are contained in the marketing email you send. Always consider win-win solutions for those of you who want email list building as well as for potential customers who want to get something from you.

Ultimately, email marketing is a medium that is very affordable in terms of price and very effective in terms of method. This is even more effective than advertising on tv, radio, print media which will cost a lot of money. That’s why email marketing is widely used by small-scale businesses as a medium of promotion. But also keep in mind that if you are carelessly sending marketing emails without paying attention to the points above, it will actually have a bad impact on your business later. Hopefully, this article was useful for you, thank you.

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