Effective Content Marketing? Watch these 9 things!

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Effective Content Marketing? Watch these 9 things!

Effective Content Marketing Watch these 9 things

Content marketing is the marketing process of business activities by creating and distributing relevant content to attract, acquire, and engage target consumers. This marketing technique is one of the techniques in marketing activities that are considered the most effective compared to other techniques. However, not all content marketing can effectively attract consumers to visit and decide to buy.

Therefore, you as a business owner must ensure that your efforts in content marketing are effective and are the maximum effort to create something of quality. To achieve this, several things must be considered as follows.

Do Research

This is the first step that must be done before doing content marketing. Research is crucial because it provides a stepping stone for the next steps. Research the topics to be raised, consumers who will be targeted, trends that are developing, competitors, and the media that will be used.

This research data will be processed to produce a mature strategy and an appropriate implementation plan.

Determine the Target

When you want to do marketing, it’s a good idea to determine your target first. After knowing the intended target, you need to know more about their geographic location, occupation, average income, communication methods, and characteristics.

With this information, the content presented will be more focused and directed so that it is right on target. You can also define the language style and content accordingly. For example, if you want to market teen makeup products, of course, you will use a more girly and cheerful concept in your content. Besides, the language used is much more relaxed.

Don’t Just Focus on Selling

Marketing activities are intended to attract as many consumers as possible. However, to get long-term results, you shouldn’t be too focused on selling. Create marketing content that is not only intended to influence but is also truly entertaining, entertaining and has a good impact on society. Content like this will make potential consumers have their attachment to your brand. This is what makes consumers loyal to use your product.

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Personalization of Content

People tend to be attracted to something specially made for them. This also applies to your marketing content. Create content that is intended for your consumers. But this doesn’t mean you have to create thousands of content for every consumer.

Create content that is close to life and the problems experienced by consumers. Information about this can be obtained from research that you have done before. Give something useful in it, then connect with the products and services offered.


To create interesting content, you also need to keep up with growing trends. Try to pay attention to what your target market has been talking about lately. To make it easier you can find out through Google Trends. Because most internet users today are looking for something they need using the Google search engine. If you have found it then try to apply it in your content marketing.

Use Social Media Effectively

Social media is always a great place to upload content for promotion. Apart from being free of charge, social media is also a place for community interaction today. According to research from We Are Social and Hootsuite, the penetration rate of active social media users has reached 42% of the world’s total population.

You can take advantage of all existing social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Line, Youtube, and so on. However, so that your use of social media is more effective and efficient, multiply the promotion on social media that is most often used by your target market.

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Re-use Your Content

Effective and good content marketing doesn’t always have to be new. You can use existing content with a few modifications provided. Also, add the latest information so that the content looks fresher. This will save you time but still produce something interesting.

Content Performance Analysis

To find out the performance of the content that you serve, analyze the performance of the content. Is it increasing or decreasing? Do this check regularly. For this, you can also use the help of websites such as Google Analytics. Evaluate the results of this content performance analysis and use it as a benchmark in developing further marketing and content strategies.

Prepare Branding

Don’t be satisfied immediately when you’ve uploaded your content to the various platforms you have. Because not necessarily the number of people who see and are affected by your content as much as you expect. Therefore, do further branding and promotion for maximum results.

Do branding by having a distinctive concept, reinforcing content, and establishing good communication with your audience. Besides, keep your content up to date continuously to retain old customers and attract new customers. If necessary, promote your brand for a fee through a digital agency.

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