Ebook – How to write and publish it?

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Ebook How to write and publish it

Ebook – How to write and publish it?

Ebook How to write and publish it

You want to write an ebook but don’t know how? The following guidelines will help you know the basic steps and how to create an ebook.

Writing books has become a pretty common thing, but how to write an ebook? From this article this time you will have an understanding of how to create an ebook and publish your ebook.

Why write eBooks?

Writing eBooks is easy and fast the production process but has the potential to reap big profits. Anyone can write an ebook. Here are 4 reasons for writing ebooks to be a good idea.

  • Sold to benefit. Many people get big profits through ebook sales.
  • Distributed for free. Maybe you want to use an ebook as an incentive for visitors who sign up on your mailing list. Or maybe you want to use it to set your authority on a subject.
  • To be published. Formerly traditional publishing was considered a one way to publish a book, but now no longer. If you want to be a writer but don’t want to go through a long process and face uncertainty from traditional publishing, publishing it yourself can be a good solution.

How to make an ebook

Here’s how to make an ebook that can be tried:

1. Choose the topic for the ebook

You need to think strategically about the topic of your ebook. This does not mean writing about anything in your mind. It takes a little research to find the right topic.

  • Select the topic with the passion you have

When the ebook is published, people are likely to ask about your topic. When you write only to make money quickly but do not have an in-depth understanding of the subject, it will be a failure when you cannot answer their questions. Or you will be frustrated to receive questions about something you don’t know.

  • Select the topic you are proficient in it

Do people ask for your advice on certain topics? What did you do that made them amazed? What questions do you receive the most? Everyone must be an expert on something.

  • Select the topic that “contains”

The ebook must at least contain 25 pages. If your topic is explained in less than 25 pages, write it in the blog post, Glowing Blog, or Guest Post.

  • Select the topic that matches your online identity

If people know you as a woman who is a knitting expert, your ebook will be easier for sale if it has to do with knitting. But if people know you as a knitting expert but you write a book about capital market investment, your ebook will be difficult to sell.

But there is an exception for this:

-You want to get into the investment niche in the capital market and will use an ebook as a way of doing it.

-For various reasons, you get questions about capital market investment and because this is not related to your knitting blog, you decide to write an ebook about this so you don’t need to continue to answer individual questions.

  • Expand what is discussed on the internet

Is there a hot topic that you see online or in niche and social media circles? Do you have the expertise to discuss it? Or check the bestseller list on Amazon to get an idea.

2. Determine your target audience

For how to make the second ebook, you need to specify the reader target. The ability to put yourself in a potential reader position will make writing easier and the results are also better.

  • Who wants to read your ebook?
  • When finished, who will market your ebook?
  • What do they want to know? What questions do you repeatedly get them? What did they ask about your topic?
  • Do they know how to access your ebook? For example, eBooks that target parents’ populations will be difficult to sell compared to ebooks that target readers aged 18 to 24 years because usually older people are less able to surf.
  • Will they buy your ebook?

3. Make something other people can’t get for free

Most information that we can do nothing new just packed differently. So, that doesn’t mean we have a truly new idea. Even so, keep sure your ebook is unique so people can’t find it free elsewhere.

And if the contents of your ebook can be obtained elsewhere, make sure before starting you have the right reason why someone must buy your product and not get the same information for free from others.

For example, there are many books and blogs about time management. But most have heavy theories and take time. You can offer an ebook about similar topics but write it simply and directly to the core of the conversation. All you have to do is show that what you have is different.

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4. Editing

After your ebook has been written, you need to edit it. Read and re-read your writing. If you are the type of person who tends to like to be wide-width in explaining, remove the part that is not related to the main idea of ​​your ebook.

Ebooks are often read on computer screens or digital devices that are not ideal for reading, so if you can convey information more concisely, why not do it?

If you tend to be people who lack words, make sure your vital ebook can be properly explained. If the reader has questions about your ebook, they must contact you for clarification, unlike the convenience to post comments in the blog. Make sure your readers don’t feel frustrated.

Ask people who are close to you, people who will tell you the truth and love you as it is, whether they will read your ebook and feedback. You are not recommended to approach friends bloggers or business colleagues to get feedback at this stage.

Make a special note for any clarification questions they ask or the confusion they reveal. It becomes an area where you need to repeat and modify it. Then invite them to lunch as a thank you.

5. Choose the right title

Now the right time to choose a title. Here are some reasons:

  • The editing process makes your ebook content fresh in mind. Reading from the beginning to the end gives you a perspective that you don’t have when you are in the process of writing.
  • Now, when your content is almost final, you might realize during writing, you do some mistakes. When you select the title at the beginning of the writing process, try a review to ensure the title is quite accurate representing what you want to communicate.
  • If other people read or edit your ebook, use this opportunity to look for title ideas with them.
Ideal title

The ideal title is the contents of the main idea of ​​your ebook summarized in a few words. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to get a title like this. Therefore, find a title that attracts attention and then for subtitles by providing further explanation. In any case, potential readers must have the right idea of ​​the contents of your ebook simply by reading the title.

Select the title with the available domain name

In addition to choosing a title that matches the contents of your ebook, if possible, select the title with the available domain name. Then register the domain. This is likely to make the title selection process a little difficult, so take the time to do it.

You have to weigh all the possibilities and maybe spend time searching for them. But if you can get a domain name from your ebook title, this will be profitable in the marketing and promotion process.

6. Ebook cover design

After your ebook is complete, making an interesting cover design so the key to the next success. Many readers gave a cover based on the cover, and if your ebook does not give a professional impression, your unique content will not be visible.

Various websites help users create an ebook cover for free, but you are more recommended to use professional designer services unless you can do it yourself. To save money, you can submit the design of the cover to a professional website.

As another choice, you can try KillerCovers. This website offers the cover of an ebook that is made custom based on your choice of more than 19 different templates. They also provide other Web Design services. The next alternative is 99designs. Here you can hold a kind of design contest, where many professionals will try to win your project, and in less than 7 days, you will receive the design of your book.

Market and sell your ebook

After knowing how to create an ebook, then it is a way to market and sell your ebook. Check out the following tips.

Determine your target market

Instead of selling eBooks to any people, try determining your main market target. Concentrate on people in smaller scope and do marketing approaches to them. For example, if your ebook is about how to get the first speech, you certainly don’t want to park it on the retirees. But you need to market an ebook to high school or student graduates.

In addition, in addition to demographic strategies, you need to find people who read eBooks. Promoting your product on several free download ebook sites so it’s a good way to reach ideal buyers.

Ebook selling price

If you are new in the world of ebook sales, consider setting very competitive ebook prices. After you succeed and have a well-known name, you can start installing higher prices.

People will look for ebooks at a more affordable price. The right strategy is to sell your book at a low price. That way you can drastically increase the number of sales and review books on sites like Amazon, allowing your ebook to be a bestseller, also increasing potential marketing from word of mouth.

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Create landing pages that attract attention

Landing Page is a single webpage that appears as a result of clicking on an ad. Landing Page that successfully focuses on the product or service you offer, to finally sell eBooks to customers.

Landing Page, You must focus and target. You emphasize what you offer, the audience you are targeting, and why they need to buy your ebook and show clear and specific instructions on how to buy your ebook.

Expand your online marketing strategy

Your ebook marketing must include the following techniques:

  • Use social media

Take advantage of free marketing wherever you can get it, including from social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn. For example, one of the best ways to promote ebooks at no cost is to use your Facebook page for marketing.

Another good strategy by to publish your ebook pieces on Facebook to attract interest.

  • Start writing your blog

You can do this as an introduction to your ebook. Publish articles on blogs every day for several months and then combine this content into your ebook.

Starting a blog is easier than it sounds because several online tutorials can guide you through the process step by step.

After your blog goes up and running, you can post articles about your ebook theme, explain more detailed features, and provide a link to your landing page. But you also need to direct traffic to your blog. The best way to do this is to publish articles on many social media websites.

Instead of one by one posting content on many social media sites, consider free services such as OnlyWire, which allows you to send a link to many social media websites at once. This is the best and effective way in terms of time to direct traffic to your blog.

  • Write articles

Use existing content in your ebook to create interesting and informative articles that target your demographics. There are many popular sites as a place you post this article. Mention your ebook in the article, and include a link to the sales page or blog.

Also, add the author’s source box at the end that includes your website URL. By proving yourself as a source of experts who have authority through free material, you will achieve success in winning your readers.

  • Marketing by word of mouth

Contact friends, family, and colleagues, offer your free copy of your ebook. Ask them to write a testimony that you can use in a sales letter or landing page.

Also if possible, ask for popular bloggers to write reviews about your ebook and post on their website. By using this tactic, you can reach potential buyers through the people they already believe.

  • Search engine optimization

You need to modify the ebook website to rank as high as possible on search results. Being on the first page is the key, and it becomes higher on the first page even more important. For example, the top rating on Google will make you get 8.5 times more visits compared to if you are ranked 5th.

Include free content around your ebook theme on the website, and try to rank for keywords that will attract the right readers. The page title is accurate and unique and includes relevant keywords on content, which will help you a lot.

  • Ask your ebook to be reviewed

Contact a blog that covers topics that are relevant to your ebook, and send your ebook to be reviewed by them. This is a smart way to market an ebook to your target audience.

  • Determine the best place to sell your ebook

You can sell ebooks directly from your website, but there are many website variations where you can do the same thing and you will enjoy better traffic results.

Whether you write an ebook to make money or you write it to promote services or products that are more comprehensive to the reader, there are many things to consider to ensure your final product is professional and can be sold to the target audience.

But by creating interesting products and following the entire marketing plan, you can make sure your ebook will be profitable and valuable for readers.

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