EasyVisitors. com Review The Good and The Bad

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On their getting started page, EasyVisitors lists their advantages. They have over 20 million daily visitors across their site community, and that they have precise interest targeting. They have nation targeting, but they don’t get more geographically subtle than that. They claim their site visitors is 100% human, which I doubt, accurately because it’s hard to clear out every single bot.

However, I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt here and say most in their site visitors is real. They say they’re safe for Google AdSense, and that they offer live reporting so you’ve got real time data to examine. I ordered serval packages from the company, because they were so cheap, but if I didn’t get even one percent of the hits they promised, I’d had enough. I gave them weeks to comply, but all I got was robot solutions to questions I wasn’t even asking?I didn’t expect them to offer me 99 hundreds of thousands sales, just 99 million hits and when I wondered them about refund and how many hits I’m intended to get, they called me asshole. Don’t use this agency. Here’s email they sent me.

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