Easy Ways to Make Twitter Ads You Need to Know

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Easy Ways to Make Twitter Ads You Need to Know

Easy Ways to Make Twitter Ads You Need to Know

Easy Ways to Make Twitter Ads You Need to Know 1

Twitter is currently not more popular than some other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. However, based on internal Twitter data, active users of the social media daily reached 145 million in the fourth quarter of 2019.

Not surprisingly, many big brands still use Twitter Ads to reach their potential customers. Besides, 67% of Twitter users tend to buy from brands they follow in the Twitter timeline.

How to Make Twitter Ads

Making Twitter Ads is relatively easy. You only need to go to the Twitter Ads page. To make it easier, you can change the language settings to Indonesian first. After that, please click “start”. After that you will be asked to choose the target of your ad, namely:

  • App Install: If you want the target audience to install your application.
  • Followers: If you want to increase the number of followers and spread your message both on Twitter and outside Twitter.
  • Engagements Tweet: If you want to maximize engagement from your tweet and more people talk about your business.
  • Promoted Video Views: If you want more people to see your GIFs or videos.
  • Website Click or Conversion: If you want people to visit and take certain actions on your website. For example, downloading something or making a purchase.
  • App Re – Engagements: If you want your application users to open and use your application again.
  • In-Stream Video Views: If you want to combine your videos with premium content.
  • Awareness: If you want your tweet to be read by as many people as possible.

Enter Your Ad Campaign Details

We take for example you want to increase website visitors or increase conversions. Then the details you need to enter are the name of your ad project, payment method, determine the daily budget amount, determine the total budget amount (optional). You can also specify the start and end date of the ad.

Do Targeting

One of the advantages of advertising on social media platforms is that you can adjust who can see your ad (targeting). Here are some aspects that you can adjust:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Devices, Platforms, Providers
  • Keyword
  • Characters of the account being followed
  • Interest
  • Habit

You can also do retargeting through the tailored audience feature, which shows ads to those who have visited your website before.

Set Campaigns Within Budget

At this stage, you can determine the budget that will be used to run these ads. First, you need to enter the daily budget amount, which is the maximum amount you will incur in one day. For example, if you enter $ 1 Million, your ads will stop showing when the entire amount is used.

You can also set the type of ad serving between regular and accelerated. An accelerated tempo will certainly spend money faster. For example, a regular type can spend $ 1 Million in 3 days, while an accelerated type can spend it in one day.

Create a Creative Campaign

There are three types of Twitter Ads that you can use, namely:

  • Promoted Tweets: When using this type, you should first collect organic likes or retweets, so you have additional social proof when the tweets are published as paid tweets.
  • Promoted Account: This type is more specifically used if you want to get new followers. This model works by directing an audience that sees your ad to find out more about the promoted account.
  • Video Ads: This type of Twitter Ads is specific for promoting video content. The maximum duration you can use is 2 minutes 20 seconds, MP4 or MOV format, and sizes under 1 GB.

The methods above are only a general description if you want to make Ads on Twitter. For more details, please visit the Twitter Ads page and follow the requested step-by-step.

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