Easy way to make ads on Instagram

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Easy way to make ads on Instagram

Easy way to make ads on Instagram

Pandemic attacks seemed to not reduce the utilization of social media as advertising strategies, especially Instagram. In fact, from January to July 2020, Napoleon cat recorded an increase in the number of Instagram users to more than 11.5 million new users. This can be a golden opportunity for those of you who want to promote the product through Instagram. So, how do you easily create ads on Instagram?

As one of the subsidiaries of Facebook with more than 2 billion active users, utilizing Instagram as a media promoting products is considered able to be a strategy that is quite effective to apply. How not, according to Wearesocial, as of January 2020 There are at least 63 million people who can be reached using Instagram advertising media, aka Instagram Ads. However, here is an easy way to create ads on Instagram without using Facebook. Let’s look at it!

What are Instagram ads?

Before making an ad on Instagram, it’s a good idea to know first, what is an ad on Instagram and how it looks. Some of you may have seen content with “sponsored” or “sponsor” under the username of content makers, or even, there are buttons that can be clicked directly and direct you to another page, such as a website or ad maker profile page. This is the result of making ads on Instagram aka “Instagram Ads”.

Advertising on Instagram is content in the form of a post or Instagram Story which is intended to promote a product or brand to related users. Usually, advertising on Instagram is also equipped with a call-to-action (CTA) button.

Ad types on Instagram

Don’t be afraid of the ad you make look boring, because there are various types of ads on Instagram that you can use as alternative media advertising. Later, the price you will pay for advertising depends on the type or type of ad you use to promote the product. Some types of Instagram ads are usually used as a means of advertising, namely:

  • Picture

This is the type that is most often used by advertisers. How not, the main goal of Instagram is to show off images or photos so that this one promotion content will be easier to get interaction because it can “blend” with other content that is not an ad. One thing that will always appear in Instagram ads is call-to-action that is below the image, such as “Install Now”, “sign up”, “Visit Instagram Profile”, “Shop Now”, “Contact Us”, and so on, Note it!

  • Video

Video features on Instagram appeared about a year after Instagram was released, which is around 2013. At present, Instagram users are very familiar with this one audio-visual content. Video content has spread to IGTV and live to stream. You can install ads on Instagram in the form of videos.

  • Slide Show

Just like the upload on Instagram in general, you can also create ads in the form of slide shows consisting of images and/or videos. Besides being able to display more information related to the products you advertise, the opportunity to get interaction (engagement) will be even greater.

  • Carousel

Carousel or adequate ads in a slide show are also one type of advertising that is often used by various brands to promote their products on Instagram. The difference with slide shows, advertisements in the form of a carousel can have different captions in each photo.

  • Advertisements in Explore

Not only in Linimasa (Timeline), maybe you have also found ads with “sponsored” labels or “sponsors” on the Instagram Explore page. To reach more target audiences, now advertising in the form of images, videos, even carousel can also appear in the user’s explorable content.

  • Instagram Story.
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The features that appear in just 24 hours have also been used to create ads on Instagram. How not, there are many advantages offered by IG Story, starting from the limitations of the viewing time until the ease of integrating ads with the website’s destination link.

  • Instagram shopping

The last type of advertising content on Instagram is Instagram shopping. Although it is easier to display prices to directing the product and product descriptions, but not many brands that can market their products using IG Shopping. The reason is, a brand must meet certain criteria and get approval from Facebook so that it can display product prices on content.

How to Make Ads on Instagram

Before creating an ad on Instagram, there are several requirements you need to fulfill first, namely:

  • Instagram account has been converted into a business account.
  • A business account on Instagram is connected to a Facebook account.
  • Make sure the product is not prohibited.

If you break a few points above or other updated provisions, maybe your ad will not be aired and you will get a warning from Facebook via email or notification of Facebook. But you don’t need to worry, you can improve the visual appearance of your ad until it is worth airing.

After meeting the above requirements, follow the easy way to create an ad on Instagram directly from the following application:

  • Select one of the photos you want to be promoted, then click “Promote”.
  • If you have never logged in, you can log in first to a Facebook account that will often be used to advertise on Facebook and Instagram. Then, specify the CTA that will be displayed to the target audience. There are three choices, namely “Visit Instagram Profile” so that the target visit your business account profile, “Learn MORE” or “SHOP NOW” that both direct to the website, and “send message” that can immediately direct the target audience to the Instagram Inbox aka Direct Message (DM).
  • Select the type of target audience, namely “Automatic” that allows Instagram to choose a target similar to your followers or make the target audience you specify yourself with “Create Your Own”. However, if your account followers are just a little, you should adjust your audience target to reach a wider audience and according to your wishes.
  • At the choice of “Create Your Own” to adjust your audience target, you can specify from several criteria, namely location, interests, gender, and age. During making adjustments, Instagram will display the potential amount of users to reach. If you have finished setting, don’t forget to name this type of audience and click “Done” or “Finish”.
  • Determine how much budget you will spend to do a promotion based on the duration of view and how much money is to reach the target.
  • Almost finished, you can preview your ad first, either when displayed from the Timeline in the form of a post or from IG Story.
  • Watch back for the promotion of the ad you will show. Starting from images, CTA, target audiences, and budgets. After that, click “Payment” to determine the payment method.
  • Don’t forget, click “Create Promotion” if everything is finished.
  • Tip: Improve the Quality of Visual Display For Both images, gifs, or videos, you must be able to ensure the visual display that you use to advertise has good quality. In addition to the right size, color composition, and lighting settings until it looks interesting, photos must also be able to convey the ad message you want to convey. If necessary, show the uniqueness or advantages of the product you offer. For example, if you sell tiramisu cake products, show the advantages that your product has, such as a more diverse variant or unique packaging.
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If you want to specialize ads to display in IG Story, follow these easy steps:

  • Prepare content to be promoted, for IG Story, select a picture or video with a measure of at least 1080 x 1920 pixels or a ratio of 16: 9.
  • Upload the IG Story to be advertised.
  • Click the IG Story that you just created then select the menu or Options on the bottom right. Preferably, do this as soon as possible after uploading Story. Because, besides the difference in viewing time it is not too far away, Instagram also does not allow you to promote the story after a few hours uploaded.
  • After several settings menu appears, click “Promote” or “promotion”.
  • Determine one of the three CTA which will be displayed to the target audience, namely “Visit Instagram Profile” so that the target visit your business account profile, “Learn More” or “Shop Now” that both direct to the website, and “Send Message” that can Immediately direct the target audience to the Instagram inbox alias DM.
  • Select the Target Audience Type, “Automatic” or use the results of the target audience target that has been made.
  • Determine how much budget you will spend to do a promotion based on the duration of view and how much money is to reach the target. Instagram provides an ideal nominal, which is $ 10 for 6 days, but you can adjust it to your budget.
  • If necessary, do your ad preview first.
  • Watch back for the promotion of the ad you will show. Starting from images, CTA, target audiences, and budgets. After that, click “Payment” to determine the payment method.
  • Click “Create Promotion” and finish!

Now you have learned how to create ads on Instagram with two different media, namely for Instagram Post and Story, now it’s time you move to plan another interesting content. The trick, by utilizing the Explore feature and estimating similar content to get content inspiration that is following the target audience.


How it’s easy to understand Instagram Ads to create ads on Instagram? There are also various media that you can use to promote your brand and your product on Instagram so you don’t need to be afraid your target audience feels disturbed by your ad.

Although there are various requirements to create advertisements on Instagram, it’s all for the good of your brand and to increase the interest of the audience of your ad. Now, everything returns to your creativity in presenting advertisements. Fortunately, besides studying the ad to create an ad on Instagram, you also get some tips to improve the quality of visual display to attract customers.

However, just social media and e-commerce accounts are not enough, you also need to use the website to increase credibility and make it easier for you to introduce your brand to the target audience so that they can get to know “who” and “what” your business goals.

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