Easy Steps to Apply Marketing Psychology

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Easy Steps to Apply Marketing Psychology

Easy Steps to Apply Marketing Psychology

Every businessman must have his strategy in marketing and promotion. Usually, business people are always looking for information in doing marketing through research to reading articles and books related to business or entrepreneurship. In a book entitled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, Dr. Robert Cialdini has revealed several psychological concepts related to persuasion. It turns out that marketing strategies that target the psychological side are proven to be more effective. Find out the tricks of running marketing psychology to increase sales to your business.

Get to know the term marketing psychology

Marketing psychology is an understanding of the motives that can influence emotions and market actions in viewing a product or service offered by a businessman.

Psychological Concepts For Marketing Strategies

Here are some psychological concepts that can be used to assist you in implementing a marketing strategy that has been described in a book entitled “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion” by Dr. Robert Cialdini

  • Reciprocity, according to Dr. Robert, in a relationship between two humans, someone will usually do something similar to what other people do to him.
  • Commitment, because everyone wants honesty. That’s why you need to strive to keep every promise or guarantee you make to your buyers.
  • According to Dr. Robert, naturally, humans are easier to obey the words or orders of people who are respected or admired. Therefore, you should be able to build prestige or credibility by providing premium services to customers.
  • Psychologically, someone will pay attention to something if the people around him talk about it. Social media plays a very important role in this. If the buyer buys a quality product, the buyer will be happy to comment on the product.

Tricks of Running a Marketing Psychology

The following are marketing psychology tricks that you can apply to your business to increase your sales:

1. Help prospective customers to avoid action paralysis

There are several approaches you can take to make your potential customers aware of the free trials you offer. Most businesses choose to copy familiar templates such as “Sign up for a 30-day free trial”. But a better alternative is to use a more lenient approach such as “No payment for first month”. The goal is the same, but the outcome will be potentially different.

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2. Provide a hierarchy of labels to consumers

Make your customers feel special, because that can be one great retention tool, and you’ll also have the opportunity to turn your customers into ambassadors for your product for free. This is also a good method of acquisition, given how many new, high-quality customers may arrive on word of mouth.

3. Understand the types of buyers

Neuroeconomic experts have defined 3 types of buyers, namely “tightwads”, “spendthrifts”, and “average spenders”. As a business person, you need to get to know them and learn marketing tricks for each category of buyer.

  • Tightwads, are the type of buyers who prefer to save money rather than spend it massively. The way to sell to tightwad is, use negative emotion words in your marketing content such as “Save more in the future by investing here, right now!”.
  • Spendthrifts, the type of buyer who is immune to the feelings of regret that buyers usually experience, because they spend more and save less than most people. Spendthrifts are your easiest customers, as they usually don’t need much persuasion to make a purchase. Use emotional ads such as videos that include lots of images
  • Average Spenders is the type of buyer who is in the middle of the other two types of buyers. Most average spenders will buy items that they can still rationalize as a good investment, but which also do not pose a risk to their finances. Balance your emotional and data-driven marketing strategy, for example, you could include a money-back guarantee, a lifetime guarantee, or free shipping.

4. Build urgency in a smart way

People are more likely to block important information if they don’t receive advanced information that contains specific instructions on how to deal with it or how to use it optimally. For example, you have an online business platform, then you must also emphasize the unique features of your product, how it can save users from profit-loss if users don’t use it. The point is, you shouldn’t build urgency with cliches alone. But try to be specific and unique to make it outstanding.

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5. Make an offer with the “Devil’s Advocate” technique

Research has shown that people are more likely to make purchases when they have assumptions that your company questions. This means that you need to address potential customers’ concerns when making sales by not sticking to a tedious stack of theory or research. Try to provide the most relevant and current case studies. Because this will be more attractive and have more potential to sell.

6. Surprise consumers with extraordinary good things

Surprise your customers with unexpected treats, so you can better build brand loyalty. Besides, another possibility is that you can receive more thanks in the form of testimonials that become an organic trail of your achievements.

In the business world, marketing is one of the keys to success that must be truly understood. In fact, in terms of sales, you as a business person are required to pay attention to the details regarding the strategies you use. Never underestimate the slightest strategy that comes to your mind. Because it could be this strategy that will provide a way for you to get success in business.

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