Earning money on Fiverr – What is it and how it works?

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If you like to work “remotely” and know how to use Fiverr, your earnings can be very large on this marketplace. With Fiverr you can work from anywhere in the world and be well paid for it. If you have knowledge and skills in almost any area, you could use this platform to make money. In this article I will explain how it works.

Many of the people (freelancers) who sell their products and services on Fiverr make great money, because the platform has a lot of traffic and is full of potential customers. I personally sold services on this platform on and off for years, and I still do to a smaller extent, but nowadays I mostly sell my services on my own websites, which makes me a lot more money. But I always keep Fiverr in mind as a potential moneymaker for the future.

If you are planning to try your hand at online business and work from home, Fiverr is a great opportunity for you. In the continuation of this article I will try to explain what this is all about, what it offers and how you can start this online business.



What is Fiverr?

In short, Fiverr is an online marketplace that offers a variety of services, tasks and mini-jobs. The platform was created back in 2010 and its mission is to enable people to promote their knowledge and skills online in order to make money. On the platform you will find millions of small jobs (gigs) for literally every type of skill. Whether you know how to write, draw, paint, program, edit, translate, etc, Fiverr has a job for you.

First of all, the platform is in English. I personally know great English, and that’s of great help when it comes to making money on Fiverr, or anywhere online really. When I first started selling on Fiverr many years ago I was selling some automation scripts, and I earned about $450 dollars in the first month. Knowing good English and being responsive to customers helped me make more sales and have more happy customers because I could understand what each client wanted and cater to their needs with good communication.

The offers/jobs on Fiver are typically referred to as “gigs“. Many of the jobs start from as low as $5 dollars – hence the name of the company “Fiverr“. But $5 is just the beginning. You will come across many gigs that offer services for a few hundred even over a thousand euros/dollars.

Over the years Fiverr has become an ideal and most popular place for “sellers/freelancers“, as well as for those looking for online services and “workers/freelancers” to hire. This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to make money from home as well as for those who want extra money in their pockets.


How does Fiverr work?

Do you have any special skills or talents that could benefit other people? Maybe you are good at decorating, painting, making apps, logo designing? Or maybe you can help online entrepreneurs operate and grow their social media pages? Whatever talent you have, on Fiverr you have the opportunity to share and sell it to the whole world. What’s nice is that you can make money doing what you love.

Finding a job on Fiverr is pretty easy and simple. But first it is important to understand the two main things that make up Fiverr.

– Seller: If you want to make money then you are a “seller“. By seller Fiverr means people who offer/sell their services on the platform. You can list all your abilities and skills as well as how much you want to be paid for the work done. The chances of getting hired by someone will depend on your experience in the industry you listed as your experience on Fiverr.

– Buyer: If you want to buy a service on Fiverr then you are a “buyer“. Let’s say I need a person who knows how to make attractive wedding invitations. I go to Fiverr and type in what I need and I will be shown people who have listed a certain talent or skill for what I need. I will contact the sellers that I like, and when we agree on the details I will pay the person for the work we agreed, depending on the their pricing.

When a “buyer” finds a “seller” they like, they will be able to talk directly with the help of private messages on what needs to be done, how to do it and how much it will cost. After the buyer makes the payment it’s up to the freelancer to complete the work in a satisfactory and timely manner.

What is very important and powerful to me is that you don’t have to wait for someone to find you to make money. You can browse the Fiverr job requests looking for certain services. When you see a gig (job) that suits your knowledge and skills, you can apply for that gig and wait for the buyer to contact you. After the customer contacts you, good things can happen 😉

Note: Fiverr is a 100% legitimate platform that has been operating for years. You do not have to fear that you will be deceived. You will always be paid after the job is done. When a “buyer” wants to buy a certain service on Fiverr, he MUST first pay the money to Fiverr. When you finish the gig, Fiverr automatically pays you.

Now that you know how Fiverr works, let’s see how to present and offer your skills and knowledge.



How to start on Fiverr?

Making money on Fiverr as a “seller” is easier than ever. By completing the following steps, you will have your Fiverr account ready to earn.

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1. Create a Free Account

In order to make money on Fiverr, you need to create an account on the platform. It’s completely free and you can do it by clicking here. Fill in the data and after that you will receive an email where you need to confirm the account. After confirmation, you can start looking for a job.

2. Create a “Seller” Profile

Your Fiver profile is perhaps the most important part of making a sale. Literally speaking, you have to “sell” yourself with your profile. Here is your chance to show yourself to potential buyers. Your profile is the first thing customers see when they decide who will do the work for them, so it is very important that you show yourself in the best possible light. When filling out your profile, upload your profile picture and list the knowledge, experience and skills you have. It’s not difficult, just follow Fiverr’s instructions.

3. Create Your First Gig

Now that you have filled your profile with the skills you have, it is important that you create a gig that you will share with potential customers. You should provide information about the work you do, that is, about the service you offer as well as the price of the service that the customer has to pay to receive it.

Let’s say I write articles on a certain topic (say health), and I want to be paid $5 for an article of 1000 words. I can also offer extras where for 2200 words I charge $10, and for an article of 5000 words I charge $20. I took this just as an example, it’s up to you what price you want to charge, but make sure it’s realistic. For starters, I recommend doing gigs for $5.

4. Send Offers to Potential Buyers

Although you can relax and lie back in bed while you wait for potential buyers to find you, I recommend that you be active and look for gigs that suit you. Customers will list on Fiverr the services they need, how much they are willing to pay and in what time frame they expect the job to be done. As a “seller” you can browse and search for gigs that match your abilities and apply for them.


What does Fiverr cost? ($0)

You don’t have to pay a cent to create an account on Fiverr. The platform is absolutely free and you need nothing but your knowledge and skills to offer to potential customers.

When it comes to fees, Fiverr will take a small cut from both the buyer and the seller for every gig sold. It’s only fair, Fiverr must also earn money for what they do. So if I order a gig that costs $5 I will actually pay $7 dollars, because $2 dollars is the fee that Fiverr takes.

As for the seller, there is also a fee. More precisely you will be paid 80% of the total price of the gig and 20% will be taken by Fiverr. So if the buyer pays you $10 dollars for a job, you will get $8 after the job is done because Fiverr takes the $2 dollars.


Earnings On Fiver – Top 5 Best Paid Categories

As I mentioned before, Fiverr has countless jobs on whatever skill it is. I think there are over 200 categories and I will pull out the most popular and highest paid ones.


1. Website Development

Price: $100-2000 per gig

Building and designing websites is definitely one of the highest paid jobs you can find on Fiverr. If you know how to make websites in WordPress you will be more than well paid for it.


2. Graphic Designer

Price: $10-1000 per gig

A graphic designer is also one of Fiverr’s most sought after jobs. If you have experience or understand how to make a logo, if you know how to make various designs on a t-shirt, if you know how to design business cards then it will not be difficult for you to find a job on Fiverr.


3. Translators

Price: $100-1000 per gig

If you know a foreign language, Fiverr is the right place where you can make money from translation. Many companies or individuals are looking for translation services and there are even people who are looking to learn a foreign language, be it English, French, Spanish, German, etc.


4. Illustrators

Price: $10-400 per gig

Whether you are a professional cartoonist or an illustrator, Fiverr is the right place to make money from it. There are countless gigs looking for illustrators. It is advisable that if you make a gig in this area, put an example of your work (drawings) so that potential buyers see that you really have the knowledge and skills in creating illustrations.


5. Social Media Marketing

Price: $20-2000 per gig

If you have knowledge and skills in the field of promotion, ad creation or any type of marketing on social networks, this is for you. Individuals are increasingly looking for people to raise and expand their Facebook or Youtube pages. Also, if you know how to run a Youtube or Facebook page properly then you can make pretty nice money from it.

You’ve probably heard of Facebook “fan pages“. Many of these pages are not run personally by the the celebrities or people or causes they represent, but by people who are paid to keep the page active and fresh, which can be your job.


How to make lots of sales on Fiverr?

Fiverr is definitely one of the most popular marketplaces in the world. The platform has thousands and thousands of buyers, but also sellers, so it’s no wonder it’s harder to get a job because of the large competition.

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When you start on Fiverr it is important to stand out from the crowd so that potential customers will notice you and offer you a job, and you can do so by following these steps:

Create a great profile

This is very important. The first impression is the most important and that is why you need to present yourself in the best light. Think of it as writing a unique CV, you need to stand out from the others. Consider making a video about yourself and uploading it to your profile, research has shown that a video raises your rating and sales by 200%, which is extremely great.

Use the Fiverr Application

Today, we all use mobile phones so much so that we almost don’t need a laptop. If you are constantly on the go, I recommend that you install the Fiverr app on your phone so that you always be quick to see who is contacting you and when. If a potential buyer contacts you today, it is advisable to respond immediately and not after a few days.

Raise Your Level As A “Seller”

When you first register on Fiverr as a “seller” you will be marked as a “New Seller“, which means you are a beginner. You should go towards achieving the highest level and that is “Top Rated Seller“, which brings you great potential for even higher earnings. In addition to being a higher level, people will trust you more and buy services from you.

In order to progress and raise your level, you need to achieve as many sales (of your services) and get good rating and reviews from your customers. So when you finish your gig (job) and deliver it to the customer, he will evaluate you based on your work, whether you did everything as agreed, whether the job is done in the agreed time period, etc. The more positive grades you get, the higher your level will grow.


Advantages And Disadvantages Of Fiverr

Although you can get a lot of work from Fiverr and make pretty good money, this platform also has its drawbacks and advantages. So let’s see what they are.


Freedom – what is good is that you can choose when and how and with who you work. No one will impose anything on you. You can work whenever you want and as much as you want, but you must be careful to respect the delivery time of the work done that you have agreed with the customer.

Secure Payment – all customers have to pay money before a seller starts working, and that is a great advantage of Fiverr. You don’t have to worry about whether the customer will pay you or not. As soon as you finish the job and deliver it to the customer, you will get your money.

Great for beginners – jobs on Fiver are mostly quick to deliver, so you won’t have a problem doing a couple of jobs to get started while building your level on Fiver.

Working with different clients – what I personally like is that you always meet new people and work with people of different profiles. You will meet many various people who will help you build better communication and experience.

Withdrawal Methods – after you’ve made some money you are allowed to request a withdrawal to your Paypal account, your bank account, or your Payoneer account. Having multiple withdrawal options available is great because it’s good to have options. Plus, if you live in a country where one of the withdrawal options is not available, you can use the others.



Fiverr Fees – what I don’t like is their percentage fee of 20% for sellers from each sale. It could have been less, but it is what it is. It may seem like a lot at first, but when you start making a lot of money you won’t even notice that percentage.

Huge Competition – I have to emphasize that the competition is really large because a lot of people from all over the world are trying to make money this way. Customers can find thousands of people offering services for only $5, and that’s why it’s a little harder to stand out from the crowd. The most important thing is to be persistent and not give up.


Here is a video I made talking about this:


Ready to make money on Fiverr?

As you can see, Fiverr is a great platform where you can make money and earn a living from your knowledge and skills by selling services that best suit you. I note once again that the platform is in English so it is advisable to have knowledge of the language. Once you build a reputation on the platform and gain the trust of customers, nothing can stop you from earning full-time through freelancing.

As I mentioned, I recommend that you start with $5 gigs and that as you progress you increase the cost of your services. The most important thing in this online business (as well as any other) is that you do not expect to earn money overnight, it takes time and perseverance to profit.

Give yourself a month, 2 months, 3 months, and see how you will progress. Do not focus only on earnings but also on looking for potential buyers and the quality of the work you do. Do not “rush” to complete your work while sacrificing quality. Invest real effort and time and you will see that it will pay off many times over.


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