Earnify Ad Network Review 2020

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Earnify Ad Network Review 2020

Earnify Ad Network Review 2020

Earnify is a leading native advertising program that helps advertisers and marketers promote their products through a network of premium publisher sites through OpenRTB. The network currently holds more than 800 active advertisers and has more than 9,000 ongoing campaigns. According to Earnify, last month it served 372 Billion bid requests across its publisher network of sites.

From the publisher’s perspective, Earnify is one of the best native ad networks if you have a niche that works well with a campaign and advertiser base. It is said to do better that AdSense for certain publishers is mainly due to the niche of their website. Earnify runs on a cost-per-click model with the soul of CPA. This means that publishers will be paid on a cost-per-click basis and the CPC value will only continue to remain high if clicks / visitors from the publisher’s site actually convert for advertisers. Otherwise, the CPC will gradually decrease dramatically, resulting in a low overall revenue for publishers. In this article we will discuss Earnify CPM levels and see if this is appropriate for your blog.

Earnify for Publishers

As a publisher, you can use Earnify to increase your original advertising revenue. This network is known as one of the strongest in Europe with a number of advertisers completing premium traffic. This way you can generate good income from Earnify if your website is related to product related topics. In addition, their advertiser base is gradually increasing for Asian traffic and therefore we recommend to Earnify even if you have traffic in Asia.

If you have a good volume of traffic, it is always recommended that you contact their account managers or supporting executives and get the best campaign from them at a premium rate. Although this is not possible for ordinary webmasters, if you have some special traffic that can convert well for them, you will be good to go.

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Benefits for Publishers to Join Earnify

Publishers benefit from the following when they join Earnify native ad networks.

  • Consistent high fill rates on EU traffic lanes and tier one together with good charging for Asian traffic.
  • Attractive CPM rates on all geographies and high conversion traffic.
  • Enjoy a payment schedule every month.
  • Specific support and account managers who can contact you to discuss matters further.

Follow the Dashboard Overview

We always recommend that you try new ad networks to see the scope and potential of your traffic. You get a CPC of 3 cents with one ad network when switching to another might give you a CPC of 6 cents. That’s almost double your overall income. Because it’s very difficult to guess which networks are working well because they all lead to campaigns and changing traffic in the world of advertising technology, and as such, constant optimization and testing is the way forward for publishers and website owners.

Earn Dashboard

Because Earnify is a native ad network that has a good reputation, let’s move on and enter this ad network. Go to Earnify using this link and you will get an additional 5% from your regular income. Now, click on the register button above and fill in the following details. You can choose as a publisher & advertiser or select the “I want to monetize my site” option and register with Earnify. You will receive a confirmation and activation letter after this and will be asked to enter their dashboard. After logging in, in the left sidebar, you can see the publisher menu. The following screenshots are included to give an overview of the Earnify dashboard. Now, before we go to the Earnify CPM level, let’s look at the ad formats offered by Earnify.

Earnify provides two ad formats to the publisher widget ad unit, the overlayed out unit. The outgoing overlay unit runs as the user wants and is displayed when the user exits your browser. This high-impact ad format can perform very well if you have high conversion traffic on your website.

Obtain Issuer Requirements

Publishers who want to place the Earnify widget on their site must have content that is family and advertiser friendly. You must have at least 500,000 page views per month to be eligible to run the Earnify widget ad. This is the minimum traffic requirements needed for publishers to get started with Earnify. Additionally, Earnify can reject your site if it contains the following.

  • sites with 5+ banners and appear on one page
  • Adult pornographic content
  • Alcohol
  • Adware / Malware
  • Violence
  • Hate talking, offensive language
  • Illegal downloads (piracy)
  • Illegal drugs
  • Whatever illegal activity whatsoever
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In addition, you must be a website owner or have written permission to represent the website on behalf of the publisher. Now, it’s time to look at the Earnings CPM level

Earn BPS Rates

The CPM rates offered by Earnify compete and match with industry giants. It is said to defeat AdSense in certain niches. Earnify can offer high CPM rates on product centric blogs with major traffic coming from Europe and parts of America.

CPM rates with Earnify will not be consistent but are most preferred. Because revenue comes from conversions, you will see an uncertain CPM level. On some days, the BPS level can be very high, and on other days, the BPS level can go down with jaws. With Earnify, you should see the overall BPS value which is a good parameter to review. I suggest you stay with Earnify for at least a week’s time to see how your Earnify widget is performing.

According to publisher feedback, Earnify can generate almost 40% of what adsense makes for your website but again they work in CPA mode and not CPC mode. As such, you will only be paid if your traffic can generate conversions for them.

Publishers have reported that the first few days with Earnify are good at all times, the levels go down and the learning curve will slowly optimize itself based on your traffic. You can expect the CPM Earnify widget to be anywhere around 1-3 USD. So, if you run 2 Earnify widgets per website, you can make around 2-6 USD. Rates will vary based on niche, traffic and conversions. Because this is a CPA-based network, making sure estimates will be difficult. There will be sites that earn around 30 cents while there will be sites that earn above $ 5 in the CPM page. Everything down to test your traffic and optimize it for high CTRs and conversions.