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On March 22, Bahrain Grand Prix was cancelled and it was changed by the F1 Esports Virtual Grand Prix, with latest motorsport drivers and other celebrities competing on the Sakhir circuit as found out by Codemasters’ F1 2019 game. Notably, Codemasters already works with in game advertising carrier Bidstack to bring dynamic in game trackside ads to titles comparable to DiRT Rally, with plans to extend this to an extra imminent 2020 title. In the event that F1 signs off on the belief, those advertisers looking for return on investment on currently unused out of home campaigns could find a captivating audience on the virtual motor racing circuit. “We are definitely seeing more engagement with games streaming systems during global lockdowns.

It’s something of a two way street though, as in lots of cases classic broadcasters are signing short term deals to bring e sports content on to either their broadcast or online structures – comparable to the BBC in the UK and Fox in the US,” Dom Tait commented. “A flurry of short term deals has been signed a good way to tap into this sudden demand for e sports – and, obviously relatedly, to fill in the various gaps of live sports programming. In the longer term they face more of an uphill battle, with streaming sites reminiscent of Twitch firmly dependent as the default place to watch major e sports competitions,” he analyzed. For the gaming expert at Omdia, there are two elements that explain the achievement of the e games at the present time. “The first is customer attention.

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E sports draws an incredibly attractive demographic of mostly young buyers with above average levels of discretionary income, and it attracts them in huge numbers. The second factor has been the increasing attention paid to this snowballing customer attention among advertisers, sponsors, and other interested media parties. Recent years have seen a surge in involvement from businesses as varied as Facebook, NBC, Hyundai, and Snickers, all attempting to tap into e sports’ highly attractive audience,” he concluded.