E Money – The difference with e wallet, type, and advantages

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E Money – The difference with e wallet, type, and advantages

E Money The difference with e wallet type and advantages

Does business no longer become something complicated. Moreover, the presence of various kinds of innovations to support business needs. One of them is e money. A kind of electronic money replacing physical money. Both you and consumers, in transacting, no need to bother carrying a lot of money into a physical wallet.

However, of course from any innovation there must be advantages and disadvantages. However, before seeing the shortcomings and strengths, you need to know what the difference between e money with e wallet. Because, often consumers are wrong in understanding the two innovations.

This article discusses the difference in e money and e wallet. In addition, also discussing the types of electronic money. The latter about the advantages of e money.

Difference e money and e wallet


Every innovation must have the advantage of each. Like e money. Even though it functions don’t need the internet, e money has a chip. He is able to detect machines that work together by attaching the card. It is also commonly used in the parking lot or toll entrance.

Unlike the e wallet that requires the internet so that the function can run. In addition, e wallets can be used in various places. As payment of electricity, water and telephone.


In a form clearly different. If e money can still be used for offline transactions, e wallets can only be used for online transactions. Besides that, because it’s online then the wallet requires internet in every transaction.


For charging the balance both do not have a difference. Because, filling balances can be done anywhere. Starting from ATMs, banks and services providers like Indomaret or Alfamart. However, e money can be easier if the cellphone used has the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature.

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For this one, the wallet is safer than e money. Because, E Wallet can use a cellphone that has a PIN or password. While electronic money can only use a physical card. If the card is damaged or lost, the user will be troubled.

Excess e money.


With the growing technology, consumers are increasingly made easier to make payments. So, the presence of electronic money is an advantage. Only armed with one card and can save funds to approximately one million rupiah, consumers can use them in various places.

In addition, electronic money also does not require a PIN or password. You just put a card to make a payment transaction. Interesting, easy, and practical. It’s time to leave the habit of bringing cash in the wallet.

Easy to transact

If you are on the toll road, electronic money will really help you. Because, when queuing, you don’t have to bother preparing funds to be given officers. You just put a card then you can go through the toll smoothly. In fact, there have been many toll lines that only receive electronic money.

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