E-commerce Growth Trends in 2021 You Must Follow

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E-commerce Growth Trends in 2021 You Must Follow

E commerce Growth Trends in 2021 You Must Follow

Since the pandemic, the growth of e-commerce has increased. This is due to the habits of customers who switch from offline to online shopping. So, it’s no wonder that e-commerce is increasingly favored by customers.

The rapid growth of e-commerce cannot be separated from how massive digital infrastructure development is. E-commerce is also the most effective alternative to online shopping.

In 2020 alone, customers who are familiar with the internet, actively shop online with a percentage of the number of customers reaching 88 percent.

This increasingly rapid digital development is inseparable from the role of the millennial generation in using technology. Moreover, they spend more time on the internet.

In the data reported by iPrice, the number of marketplace users in the third quarter of this year has increased compared to the third quarter of last year. For example in the Tokopedia and Shopee marketplaces.

In 2019, the number of visitors to Tokopedia reached 65.9 million. Whereas in 2020 it jumped to 84.9 million. At Shopee, it’s not that different.

In 2019, the number of visitors to Shopee reached 55.9 million. Whereas in 2020 it jumped to 96.5 million. The two marketplaces are estimated to have reached 100 million visitors this year.

Why Can E-commerce Growth Increase?

Several reasons have led to increased e-commerce growth. Among others are:

From Offline Business to Online Business

Since customers have switched from offline to online shopping, it cannot be denied that this has had an impact on the growth of e-commerce. In the data reported by RedSeer, e-commerce users jumped to 12 million. This resulted in transactions that increased to 98.3 million transactions.

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Pandemics don’t necessarily stagnate people. The proof, the growth of e-commerce is still stretching. Before the pandemic, growth was estimated at only 54 percent. However, during a pandemic, e-commerce growth could reach 91 percent.

So, it’s no wonder that in the last two years, especially when the pandemic ends, customers continue to use e-commerce. In Blibli, the number of registered merchants increased to 90 percent in April 2020. Meanwhile, in Tokopedia, the number was almost the same. The increase was 2.5 times.

Many Platform Choices

Currently, there are many platforms used for online shopping. Among them are websites, social media, and marketplaces. Of the three platforms available, most customers use the marketplace, social media, then the website.

This cannot be denied because of the ease of making payments. Options to find more products and offers both price promos and discounts are more varied. So, marketplaces like Shopee, Tokopedia, Bukalapak are more desirable.

Reaching Markets in Various Regions

The growth of e-commerce in Indonesia is expanding. This is indicated by the increasing number of e-commerce users outside Java. If in 2017, the dominance of e-commerce users in Java is very obvious, reaching 70 percent, by 2022 it is expected that both Java and outside Java will be almost equal.

This projection can be realized with the cooperation of various parties. One of them is related to shipping services. After all, there are currently many shipping services that can deliver to all regions in Indonesia.

Gradually, customers will get used to the existence of e-commerce. It could be that offline stores will only be a memory. This is because digital needs will be a primary need for everyone, especially in 2021

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E-commerce is a present and future necessity. When you understand how e-commerce has grown in Indonesia, you are ready to run a business.

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