E Commerce Experts Share Their Best Tips for Driving Repeat Sales Online

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“ are in a position to persuade present and first time customers to come back on a reasonably average basis to make next purchases. This is enabled by their company models as in the case with subscription trade, the depth of providing of their product catalogs, the products they sell are replenishables, they’re able to execute advanced 1:1 personalized email advertising and marketing that nudges their clients to repurchase and their customer loyalty offers and rewards programs. Although subscription e commerce agencies fall into this bracket by default, most etailers in the apparel vertical also by their very nature expect customers to come at the least each season. ” Kunle Campbell – 2x eCommerce“4 years of analysis and a whole bunch of split tests have taught me a lot about conversion optimization.

One of the most essential lessons is that friction kills conversion. The good news is that lowering friction is one of the most constructive ways of expanding conversion…Friction has a terrible impact on the determination making process of your clients and will tip the determination against ‘No. ’ The less friction the prospect encounters, the much more likely he or she may be to accept your offer. So the more that you may reduce friction, the more you’ll be able to tip the determination back against ‘Yes. ’” Michael Aagard – Content Verve“I discovered the flexibility of a few years ago, when I found out nearly all of our site site visitors came to us via non branded organic searches, didn’t convert, and left and never came back.

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We were fantastic at getting people to our site, but totally sucked at getting them to remember us when they got here…Just 18 months out, remarketing allowed us to augment our repeat guests by 50%, boost conversion by 51%, and increase time on site by an insane 300%!Remarketing helped make our SEO 7x more fantastic by keeping us in front of interested consumers and compelling them to do so. ” Larry Kim – WordStream“Big Data allows you to know how to most effectively engage together with your customer and build a courting over the years as you learn what she or he likes and dislikes. Social media adds opportunities for web engagement through conversations through which an unlimited variety of knowledge and actual clients can take part. Connecting with your customers via your Twitter feed or Facebook page lets them inform you what they’re pondering — and means that you can use that information to tweak your product providing or even expand your target audience. It’s a chief advertising officer’s dream come true.