E-commerce: Definition, Types, Benefits You Must Know

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E-commerce: Definition, Types, Benefits You Must Know

E commerce Definition Types Benefits You Must Know

Shopping online is not impossible today. You just need to rely on your device, a good internet signal, so you can shop online. Buying and selling activity has indeed changed from offline to online. So, to shop online easily, e-commerce is the answer.

With e-commerce, it is easier for consumers to shop online. This is because consumers no longer need to go to a shopping center. Consumers only need to visit certain e-commerce sites, transact until they are finished, then the desired product will arrive at the front of the house.

E-commerce or what is commonly referred to as electronic commerce is increasingly massive. Especially after the emergence of various marketplace sites. So, to find out more about e-commerce, see the full explanation below.

Definition of E-commerce

E-commerce or what is often referred to as electronic commerce is an activity that involves the purchase, sale, distribution, marketing of products (goods and services), by utilizing the internet, television, radio, or other networks.

In general, e-commerce is an electronic product transaction process. The need for people to transact electronically will slowly replace transactions in offline stores.

Types of E-commerce

E-commerce is the best choice for business people. There are four types of e-commerce that you should know, which include:

Consumer to Consumer (C2C)

An easy way to find out C2C is when a consumer buys a product from an online store, the consumer will resell the product. Of course, the target audience is other consumers. This kind of practice is common in marketplaces like Shopee or Tokopedia.

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Consumer to Business (C2B)

Business that occurs between consumers and business people. Consumers will provide details from the price range, size, shape, and so on to business people. Then, business people will offer products according to what consumers need.

Business to Business (B2B)

Business conducted by fellow businessmen. Usually, both of them want to know what products are being sold. Any transactions that occur, the level is already an online shop or a company.

Business to Customer (B2C)

This type of e-commerce is just a general transaction process. The businessman offers a variety of products available. Consumers choose whichever product they want. Businessmen do not have to demand feedback from consumers. What is clear, business people need to provide the best possible service.

Benefits of E-commerce

E-commerce is a real online business need. Everyone has experienced the benefits of e-commerce. Both from business people and consumers. Some of the benefits of e-commerce are:

Saving time

With e-commerce, consumers no longer bother spending time just stepping into a shopping center. Because everything is now based online. Therefore, all that is needed to transact online is a device, computer, or laptop. So, with e-commerce, you can save time in transactions.

Coverage to All Regions

One of the things that makes business people use e-commerce is its reach to all regions. So, business people can expand their business anywhere. The nice thing is that consumers can be scattered anywhere. Moreover, delivery services are available anywhere.

Increase Consumer Loyalty

Online and offline services must have different standards. In online business, service must be fast and precise. Then, the response given must be readily available. Thus, business people can get consumer loyalty. Because they will come back to you.

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Payment method

The various payment methods available make e-commerce an activity that is often carried out in this era. What are the payment methods?

Cash on Delivery

Because the system is online, sometimes consumers don’t have enough time to transfer money. Or consumers want to get the product immediately. So, one possible way is to pay on the spot. This method is called cash on delivery.

Transfer of money

The most common thing that consumers do after ordering a product is a money transfer. Consumers can make money transfers at an ATM or via a virtual account. Usually, there will be a unique code that is used to pay for consumer orders.

E-commerce is a present and future necessity. When you understand the definition, types, and benefits of e-commerce, you are ready to run a business. For businesses to grow, use payment methods that match customer preferences.

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