DuckDuckGo Review Is it a Rival of Google in ? VPNpro

The largest issue with Google is that it is not reliable search engine it was few years back. Everybody looks at the number of listed pages and say wow!But lamentably your outcomes are narrowed down to just handful of websites that Google considers applicable, fast and usual professionally optimized. This leaves tens of millions of internet sites which are indexed and do not show. I don’t are looking to see in search consequences only mind-blowing websites that have prefect wording of their descriptions and only relevant content.

There are stores that don’t have elements for that so you won’t see them. Last couple of years it become extraordinarily problematic should you try in finding anything and only handful of companies appear on first hundred pages. 10 years back you were able to see single page internet sites made by local contractors and now you just see major businesses.

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