Drive More Traffic From Your Best Users

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Drive More Traffic From Your Best Users

Drive More Traffic From Your Best Users

Drive More Traffic From Your Best Users

Website push notifications are tools that appear for publishers who want to reach their audience in real-time and in a way that occupies a unique place among modern communication channels.

Push notifications are clickable messages sent by the service to the customer’s browser. We see this all the time with Facebook, SMS and other applications.

What is Push Notification? Drive More Traffic From Your Best Users

Web site push notifications are similar, but drive traffic to the website instead of the application, and can be accessed on all devices (mobile, tablet and desktop).

The latter is the key, because desktop use still accounts for 30-40% of total Internet time, and – while declining – your user share is the most profitable in terms of advertising revenue. After a user chooses, desktop, tablet and mobile users receive notifications simultaneously, and instantly.


We have seen regular click-through rates (CTRs) of 5-10 percent, with 10-15 percent on many occasions and even higher in terms of very strong campaigns. Compared to our newsletter, Twitter or even Facebook, this is relatively high – and easy to boot.

These results will vary for various reasons, and each marketing technique is somewhat hit or miss, but web push notifications are a way to reach people you might not, and offer several different advantages other traffic acquisition methods do not.

Success using Froggy Ads, which not only gives us the ability to send push notifications without investing in our application, but is also very user friendly for SSL websites (see our discussion about why you should be safe with SSL ads). SSL compatibility makes this a one-click proposition, rather than requiring complex coding.

Currently, iOS does not support push web notifications, neither do Froggy Ads. But between Android phones, tablets and desktop browsers (Safari, IE, Chrome, Firefox), we have been able to target the majority of readers.

Five Things You Need to Know About Web Site Push Notifications and How to Use It.

1. These are your best users, so treat them properly.

After you register with Froggy Ads, an opt-in box is triggered (below). If visitors allow notifications, they are immediately added to your customer base. By definition, your customer list is high quality, when your readers sign up. However, with that power comes responsibility, because the customers involved can opt-out if the content doesn’t meet expectations.

2. Don’t overdo it (point extension # 1).

Push notifications are a very effective and fast way to see spikes in traffic, so it’s tempting to use them and reach people. But no matter how good your content is, and how loyal your readers are, there are too many good things. Sending more than people want can damage the effectiveness of a high engagement strategy. There is no one size fits all, but we find one per day (or fewer) as a sweet spot with relatively few users who unsubscribe.


3. A copy of push notifications is very important.

The character limit for push notifications is short, and you have to make it shorter. Space is very limited on the desktop (see above), and even more so on mobile phones (below). As publishers, our goal is to identify what makes users interested in the pages we use push notifications to drive traffic, and make the most concise and interesting copy for it. This sounds obvious, but in dealing with the smallest spaces (and attention spans), not too long or unclear can make a big difference in CTR.

4. Proximity is good, but not important.

Push notifications reach users instantly, which is very important for The Hollywood Gossip or TV Fanatic to deliver news that might not be so interesting in a matter of hours. Froggy Ads allows you to “optimize” or spread notifications over 24 hours, however, to reach customers when they are most likely to see and click. For content that is always green and the user base is spread over several time zones, this is an option that should be considered.

5. Segmenting makes it possible to create more than one viewer.

Froggy Ads allows you to tag users based on certain behaviors or pages they visit, offering you the opportunity to create a special user base for certain types of content that you create. Depending on the range of topics you post, organizing customers into different segments can result in a much higher CTR than covering everyone with the same message.