DoubleVerify: Brand Safety Evolution and Marketing Trends Adelphic

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As I mentioned earlier, viewability has become a core element of a media buy and superior advertisers are adopting refined definitions of a view to satisfy their internal enterprise goals. DoubleVerify provides help for these custom viewability metrics and we believe we can see more introduced going ahead. Diving in deeper to custom viewability, DV provides advertisers with a completely unique metric called Key Message Exposure, permitting an advertiser to craft KPIs around the publicity of crucial areas of the commercial, counting the view only when the logo or call to action was in view or audible. By leveraging rich data and understanding what KPIs have the finest impact on conversion, brands will proceed to refine these custom metrics and could need partners like DoubleVerify to aid them. Mobile will proceed to drive growth in the industry as patrons more and more rely on smartphones and drugs to administer the majority of their online needs.

I expect more pleasing rollouts of mobile supported focused on solutions from DoubleVerify this year. Further, we continue to reply to our client needs, which in large part boils all the way down to guaranteeing we’re providing a similar level of coverage and size regardless of the channel where the investment is made. As a part of that we’re also making an investment in rising channels akin to OTT and connected TV as we see more media investment shift to those channels.

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