Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

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Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Agency?

Does Your Business Need a Digital Marketing Agency

In line with the development of existing technology, marketing strategies have also begun to change towards a more modern direction. If in the past it only used promotional media such as newspapers, magazines, radio or television, now marketing has been done with internet technology, or later known as digital marketing.

Many thoughts are out there that digital marketing is a very fast, easy process that can even be done instantly overnight.

In this discussion, we will try to discuss what are the needs of digital marketing. So you get an idea whether the company needs a digital marketing agency or you can choose to work with the company’s internal team or you can do it yourself?

Digital marketing is a service that offers services to help companies plan and execute marketing programs through digital media. Here the key is the team, plans, and execution of digital media marketing programs.


Do you currently have an internal team with sufficient resources? The resources here are energy, time, ability, and experience. Do you have enough people with specific time to manage and that person has expertise and experience in digital marketing?

Especially for someone’s expertise and experience in the field, make sure whether the person in question really understands digital marketing or has only been a digital service user? Does he understand the digital world ecosystem to achieve your marketing goals? Does he understand the behavior of users of digital services on each platform? Does he understand the strengths and weaknesses of each platform for your marketing activities?

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As explained in the previous article, digital marketing plans involve many factors to achieve marketing goals. Do you have a team that can make digital marketing plans? What is the idea or concept? What is the purpose? What should be prepared such as media selection, digital activity & creative production? How do you prepare all that? Who does what? how long will it take?


The team is ready, the plan is there, then it’s time for execution, do you have anyone who can execute the plan.

Who is doing the planning & buying media? Who made the creative devices? Who will monitor and carry out optimization / improvement?

Who will measure the results? Has the person done it or will it do it for the first time?

Digital Media

The word digital media is very commonly heard, the question is do you have people who really understand digital media to support marketing programs?

Digital media is not just social media. The person must know other platforms such as Search Marketing, Email Marketing, News Media, Ad Networks, Mobile Marketing.

It even understands the integration or cross platform between traditional and digital marketing that utilizes technological advances, knows the opportunities and weaknesses of each platform to draw conclusions in choosing which platform to use, and of course we recommend that you use Froggy Ads.

The picture looks complicated huh? digital marketing is indeed more complicated than traditional marketing because of its capabilities that can be measured and optimized when the program will / is already running to get better results. Compare with traditional media, which is usually after walking we can only pray waiting for the results.

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Back to the question above, do you need a digital marketing agency? No, if you can handle all the points above well. Yes, if you can’t handle all the points above properly.

Keep in mind that marketing programs will usually spend quite a lot of money, so don’t even think about saving a little by doing it all yourself but not having enough resources, because the effect is that your marketing program will fail with huge costs that have been wasted and could have an effect negative or loss in other fields or going forward.