Do You Know How to Measure the Success of Social Media Marketing?

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Do You Know How to Measure the Success of Social Media Marketing 1

Do You Know How to Measure the Success of Social Media Marketing?

Do You Know How to Measure the Success of Social Media Marketing 1

The growth of marketing through social media is slowly accompanied by the presence of analytics tools, which serve to measure the success of digital marketing activities. The role of analytics tools for social media is to help you measure the success of your social media performance.

For example, you create video content that requires huge effort such as time and cost, but in the end the video audience is only 5 audience. This is very ineffective and can be said to be detrimental to your business. Therefore, metrics or data are needed to see the effectiveness of marketing through social media performance. So, then when you create content marketing for social media, you can determine the right content based on data. Then, how do you know the success of social media marketing? Next you have to do.

1. Social Media Exposure Analysis

Knowing the potential audience is very important for your business, because from here you can determine how many products you can sell. How much the audience you can reach through social media can have an impact on how much sales will occur. So you need to measure the percentage of audience growth rate.

For example, on Twitter, you can count the number of users who retweet your Twitter in one month. Then do monitoring to see how much the development of the target audience. Whereas on YouTube, you can compare the number of viewers and subscribers in a certain period of time.

2. Know How Successful Engagement You Build

The audience’s interest in responding to your message or commonly called engagement can be done by looking at the number of users who respond to the message. For example on Instagram, it can be seen from how many likes and comments on each post that you upload. While on YouTube, you can see the number of users who access the link, retweet, reply, and send messages directly.

3. Tracking Influence

Measuring the impact of engagement that you build can be done through tracking influence, which is doing a subjective calculation based on your business perspective. Then, how the impact of the engagement? Is the influence received by your audience positive, negative or neutral?

After seeing the impact, you can find out who has been interacting and interested in your brand. Are the users you interact with are influencers with large followers or just ordinary users. So you can find out how strong the relationship that you create with them.

4. Lead Generation Stage

The lead generation phase you have to do for an audience that is aware of your brand, after going through exposure, influence and engagement which is a representation of brand awareness. You need to do this stage to encourage the audience to take further action, for example directing the audience to make a transaction. Through lead generation, you can do the Return on Investment (ROI) calculation, so that your goals are achieved or not.

To reach this stage you must maximize the use of social media, email marketing, business websites, online advertising, and interesting content to make them make transactions. Then you can measure the success of the social media marketing campaign using ROI. So it can determine the decision to continue the campaign or not.

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