Do this before determining the themes and plugins for WordPress

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Do this before determining the themes and plugins for WordPress

Do this before determining the themes and plugins for WordPress

Are you a business person who utilizes WordPress for business interests? If yes, in developing businesses in the digital era, not only quality cheap hosting services you have to look for, but also the right way in the use of WordPress to be safe and does not hurt your business. One of the things that needs to be observed is in choosing a trusted themes and plugins because this will have a direct effect on the performance of your website.

Know the credibility of themes and plugins

Do you know? The themes and plugins that you use are very potential for hackers. So, make sure you choose the themes and plugin properly to keep your site from harmful things. There are simple tricks you can do, such as viewing comments and ratings provided by other users to be used as a reference that the themes and plugins are truly safe to use.

Take advantage of help tools

With the increasing graph of WordPress users and mushrooming cheap hosting services, many sites provide checking assistance that you can use. Like Google Webmaster Tool, the site can be used to monitor the performance of your website carefully. Not only that, but you can also do many optimizations to increase visitor traffic that access your site.

Use Framework

Using the Framework on the WordPress themes has proven safe, so there is rarely a serious problem. Even if you have to spend more to use it, but this is very feasible for the sustainability of your website.

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Get to know your website

You also have to recognize your website well. By recognizing it technically, you will be sensitive if you find a suspicious file that can take certain steps to fix it.

Check the themes and plugin features

The final step to help you specify the themes and plugin which is safe to use is by checking the features offered on the plugin and themes. You can check related to the flexibility in accessing through various browsers, and its convenience during navigation.

You can do the five things above before determining the themes and the plugin which will be used. Apart from you need to use WordPress safely, you also need to choose a professional hosting service that is professional to help you happen to a problem that interferes with the performance of your website.

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