Distribution strategy: understanding, type, and for example in business

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Distribution strategy: understanding, type, and for example in business

Distribution strategy understanding type and for example in business

In the world of marketing, of course there is a distribution name. To establish a growing business, of course there must be the right distribution with marketing agents in the market area and one of the most important and basic things is in the world of marketing is a matter of distribution strategy.

The distribution strategy must be on target and must match the market marketing. A management system must take the right step in making a very critical decision. In the selection of the right strategy, of course it must be in accordance with the selection of agents and appropriate marketing techniques.

Definition of distribution strategies

In the world of marketing, of course it cannot be separated from the production, distribution and consumption factor. The whole process is a series of strategies in the distribution process. Then in the process certainly must get to know more about what is meant by the strategy.

As its name is itself, the distribution strategy is indeed a responsibility in the world of marketing. In a distribution of goods or other products, of course from the hands of the manufacturer to the consumer, there must be an interfort. The intermediary will be a bridge.

That technique is called the distribution strategy. Later in a strategy it will be better known as the distribution channel. If further note the collection of the channel is a company with certain authority taking over a product or service to be delivered or down to the hands of consumers.

Type of retail / retail distribution strategy

In the world of distribution, of course there are several types that must be known. This type is indeed a type that must be known by marketing both producers and consumers. Of course the name is a strategy aiming to benefit with maximum results. To find out more details, here are some types of strategies that must be known.

1. Incentive strategy

In this one strategy, there is a uniqueness presented. That is a strategy that is the basis of a trading product placement. Usually done by a particular company is to circulate it in retail or can be called retail steps. The thinner is also referred to as a distributor.

This one strategy is a strategy that is quite often used. In the process if you want to use this one strategy. Then the manufacturer must look at the market that is often used. Usually the most frequently used is household product requirements. These product products have a level of need with high intensity in its consumption.

2. Selective strategy

Similar to the previous strategy, this one strategy certainly aims to have the best impact on a particular production of goods. The difference with the previous strategy is through this one strategy, the manufacturer will choose the right distributor to distribute its products.

This is what causes this strategy to be referred to as a selective distribution strategy. In an area, not all distributors or retailers are chosen to become a distributor agent. This is an effective step to provide results or impacts on trading products that are being channeled.

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3. Exclusive strategies

Like the previous strategy strategy, the difference is that the previous one is for this one strategy more exclusively compared to others. This happens because the distributed production needs are goods with high quality and product quantity.

Therefore in the distribution process it should not be circulated thoroughly or widespread. In an area of ​​course this is one of the strategies that are quite capable to do.

Of course the product with quality and high prices can be quite difficult to do the distribution process. For consumers it is also a small number of consumers, so this strategy is called exclusive.

Type of distribution channel strategy

Similar to the retail or retail distribution strategy. This strategy explains how certain goods or service products can get to the hands of consumers. For more details, it can be seen in the following explanation.

1. Manufacturer to consumers

This type of strategy is one strategy that is quite short. This strategy occurs quite briefly, which is happening between manufacturers directly to consumers. Usually this type occurs quite briefly where the product produced by the manufacturer is directly given or changes hands directly into the hands of consumers.

2. Manufacturers, retailers and consumers

Unlike the previous strategy, this one strategy has a liaison between the two. This one difference is with the existence of retailers including the manufacturer does not directly provide production goods to consumers.

But first passed the retailer. Through this retailer, the manufacturer will not immediately meet with consumers. This is also also the appropriate marketing step.

3. Manufacturers to wholesalers, then retailers and consumers

For this one, of course the manufacturer is in question is a manufacturer with a high level of productivity. In addition, producers, of course, will provide or put their products on a large company in this case, will be called wholesalers.


After arriving at the big trader, the product will not immediately go down to the hands of consumers directly. After being in the hands of the big merchant, the product will be channeled to the retailer.

For the next steps and processes will be the same as what happens to point to 2. This kind of thing is indeed one of the more appropriate strategies so that the products produced by the manufacturer on the first occasion will experience an increase in buying interest from consumers.

4. Manufacturers through agents, retailers, consumers

For this one strategy, most will use agents that have been appointed before. The appointment is a preventive step in supporting the sustainability of the product from the hands of the manufacturer. Usually after the product arrives in the hands of the agent, the agent will look for the right retailer to be appointed as a distributor.

The distribution process will later become a key that is quite effective in marketing its products. This method seems more special, but this one way has enough effects and effective results.

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Example of distribution in business

In a business, of course the distribution strategy is very closely related. This kind of thing is released from the role of the manufacturer in marketing the product. In this kind of example, an example in the business related to the distribution strategy is to look at the way it is done.

The first is the local distribution, with its application, the business that is run will further advance without significant obstacles. This one strategy allows business producers or managers to implement various types of distributions available on a local scale. This means that the product will be marketed on a regional scale.

Next is Wholesale, the example of this one strategy in business is a fairly used one. The application is more towards greater than the previous strategy. The use of distributors is indeed a mainstay in the use of this kind of strategy.

Distribution strategies are indeed one of the appropriate preventive steps in an effective marketing process. To make maximum impacts and results, of course there must be an event and the appointment of the right agent.

The thing that needs to be considered in building an optimal distribution strategy is to carry out optimal inventory management so that all your stock is always in control.

Make sure you use an easy-to-operated inventory system and also according to your business requirements, avoid manually calculating and monitoring processes because besides taking time, the manual process is also at risk of recording errors and the occurrence of fraud.

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