Dispatching Is: the Definition, Function, Procedure, and Type In the Management

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Dispatching Is the Definition Function Procedure and Type In the Management

Dispatching Is: the Definition, Function, Procedure, and Type In the Management

Dispatching Is the Definition Function Procedure and Type In the Management

Dispatching is the routine to move the production activities through the release of orders and instruction required following the time and sequence of operations that have been planned which is manifested in the route sheets and schedule loading.

In this article, we will discuss what it is dispatching in the management or manufacturing in-depth complete with the procedure and type.

What is Dispatching?

Dispatching in production management run planning function. This is related to the start of work. Dispatching to ensure that the plan is implemented correctly.

Dispatching is the physical delivery of the manufacturing orders to facilities operation (workers) through the release of orders and instruction following the activity plan developed earlier (time and sequence) defined by the scheduling of the production planning and control.

department. Dispatchers send orders to a variety of stores. The function of dispatching determines, by whom the work must be done and coordinate production. This is the key point of the communication system of production. This creates a direct relationship between production and sales.

Dispatchers determine the production capacity of each piece of equipment. He always keeps an eye on the progress of the order which moves with different speeds in different routes.

The Function Of Dispatching

  • To check the availability of input materials and ensure the transfer of materials from the store to the first process and then from process to process.
  • Ensure the availability of all the tools of production and inspection.
  • To get an overview, product specification, and a list of necessary materials.
  • To assign work according to the machine, workplace, and labor.
  • The issuance of the work order authorizing the operation following the date and time previously planned and put on chart load and route sheets.
  • The issuance of the time tickets, instruction cards, and other items that are necessary to the workers who will perform a variety of activities.
  • The issuance of the order the inspection after each operation to determine the results regarding the quality of the products if there is decay excessive, to find out the cause.
  • Cleaning work, the collection of cheap time, the blueprint and instruction card, and return to the appropriate section of the department of control of production.
  • To ensure that the work is passed on to the next department. or warehouse etc.
  • To record the start time and the completion of the work on the ticket time for the calculation of the time interval. To forward the ticket time to the accounts department to set up a wage.
  • Record and report the time of the idle man and machine and ask for the necessary corrective action.

Know The Procedures For Dispatching

Products are broken down into different components in the various operations. Here are some procedures in the conduct of dispatching:

  • Store Issue Order: Authorize shop (department) to submit the materials needed.
  • Tool Order: Authorization store the tool to release the necessary tools. These tools can be taken by the officers of the room tool.
  • Work orders: Instruct workers to resume operation.
  • Time Ticket: This records the time of the beginning and the end of the operation and became the basis of the payment of workers.
  • Inspection Order: tell the inspector to perform the inspection and report on the quality of the components.
  • Move Order: Authorizing the movement of materials and components from one facility (the machine) to another for further operations.

In addition, there are aspects in the procedure of dispatching certain other must be considered:

  • All the product information should be available earlier.
  • Various card orders and the image specification should be prepared.
  • The equipment should be ready for use.
  • The progress of the various orders must be properly recorded on the Gantt chart or display boards.
  • All production records should be maintained properly.

Dispatching Centralized and Decentralized

Type dispatching is divided into two types, namely centralized or decentralized.

Dispatching centralized

In the system of dispatching a centralized, department dispatch center, order directly to the work station. In this way, each note can be maintained information complete with the characteristics and capacity of each equipment and workers to each machine.

The command is given to the trustees of the store, running the engine following it. In most cases, the supervisor can also advise the loading of the man and the machine underneath. System dispatching centralized has the following advantages:

  • The level of control of the larger whole can be achieved.
  • Effective coordination between the different facilities is possible.
  • It has greater flexibility
  • Because of the urgency of the order, the schedule changes can be effected quickly without disrupting the entire system.
  • The progress of the order can be easily assessed anytime because all the information is available in a centralized place.
  • There is the utilization of labor and machines that are effective and better.

Dispatching decentralized

In the process of dispatching decentralized, manufacturing orders issued thoroughly to Engineer/Foreman/Supervisor. He must then determine the relative order in which this order will be taken in the department.

Is the duty of the person (maybe the Foreman/Supervisor) concerned to submit this order and to ensure that the materials required are available at each machine and operator.

In such a case, dispatch or delivery of the material is to be solved in the department on or before the date specified. System dispatching decentralized has the following advantages.

  • Most of the grooves of the bureaucracy are minimized
  • Supervisory shops most know about the store, therefore, the work can be resolved by the workers and the most appropriate machine.
  • Report a complicated and duplication of posting can be avoided
  • The communication gap is reduced
  • Very easy to solve everyday problems
  • It makes a natural boost of a part to be self-sufficient.


It is the understanding and discussion of dispatching. In the business of manufacturing process of dispatching is important in production planning and control. This is the stage of action, action, or implementation. Appear after routing and scheduling.

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