Discover Our Company Discover Card

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This information is meant for, and only provided to, Primary credit cardmembers whose money owed are open, in good status and have an email address on file. The Primary cardmember must agree online to obtain identification alerts. Identity alert facilities are in keeping with Experian suggestions and data that could differ from guidance and knowledge at other credit bureaus. Monitoring your credit report doesn’t impact your credit. This advantage may change or end in the future.

Discover Bank is not a credit repair manufacturer as defined under federal or state law, adding the Credit Repair Organizations Act. To see a list of Frequently Asked Questions, visit discover. com/freealerts. The first fee charged to any eligible customer account which contains Cashback Debit, Money Market and Online Savings bills will be immediately waived and credited on your account. Eligible fees by product come with: Cashback Debit Insufficient Funds and Stop Payment fees; Money Market Excessive Withdrawal, Insufficient Funds, Money Market Minimum Balance and Stop Payment fees; Online Savings Excessive Withdrawal, Insufficient Funds and Stop Payment fees. Wire transfer fees aren’t eligible and should not be waived.

Fees incurred ahead of May 7, 2018 are not eligible for repayment.

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