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This supplier carries a fake trademark ” Is not a real trademark, the words discord and advertiser are far too common to be trademarked and Discord is already an owned employer. If a person trademarked it, Discord would certainly react with legal action. Upon checking Intellectual Property internet sites Including EUIPO, IPO of the UK, and USPTO, the trademark does not exist. DO NOT entrust the rest to an business enterprise with a fake trademark as a result of if they lie about the legality of their website then they are more likely to lie to their customers.

It does not be far fetched to say that here is likely a scam because of the lack of credibility of the site. The help phase does not exist on the online page either. Also to add onto this, Discord states in their ToS or Community Guidelines that Discord can’t be used for advertisement use unless given written approval by Discord that means this entire service provider breaking Discord ToS if it lacks the authorisation to do so from Discord. I swear I’ve been waiting to payout my money for nearly 4 months now, maybe much more. It’s really not easy as they don’t even let us know WHY we won’t payout our money. Like, do they actually need 4 months to check some bills?That’s absolutely ridiculous.

They don’t even respond to the email that they have linked for buyer aid. I’ve sent dissimilar of them over the last few months, but with no reaction from any. It actually looks like they just ran off with the money after they gained some publicity. That won’t be there for long though, if they keep this up. I’ve used to trust this site. I made tons of of dollars when it first came out; although, the past few months were very sketchy to the purpose where I feel just like the owner just ran off with our money without paying us.

Last month, they held all future payments from me for a full 30 days before it’d be posted to my account. Not sure why they did that, but when I tried to touch the landlord via email and on Discord, I’ve gotten no reaction. It’s been over 20 days since my email and discord DM, and still no response. I truly waited 1 full month for the price to be deposited into my account, but then when I tried to withdraw it to PayPal, I got an error message of “We are currently reviewing your payments, please wait until the review system is complete. “, why?The review should’ve took place the last 30 days when my bills were on hold for a month. I have over $300 that they’re refusing to send me that’s so sad considering that that this site used to pay well, and the landlord made a great deal of profit too from the big 30% tax on all payments, but I guess it wasn’t enough for him.

I have removed the bot from my servers and I aren’t using this provider anymore.