Direct Sales Industry Statistics Stats on Direct Selling

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Direct promoting is a very lucrative industry that has considerably grown over the past few a long time. With over 60 million sales consultants around the globe contributing to over $114 billion in sales, it goes with out saying that direct sales absolutely plays a big role in the economic sector. Everyone talks about direct promoting converting thousands and thousands of people’s lives but to actually be mindful the potential behind this massive industry, it is worth looking at the particular numbers. It’s one thing to explain such a thriving sector in words and an alternative to look at it through actual facts and information. Below is a more in-depth look at the direct sales industry in numbers:It is a typical false impression among many folks who’ve had no adventure in direct sales that the turnover rate of direct sellers is high as a result of there is no real capabilities in the industry.

While it is absolutely higher than that of the retail industry’s, one has to bear in mind that some those who get into direct sales do so to earn some more money and don’t really intend on staying too long after they have got reached their income goal from the enterprise. The annual turnover rate in retail is 53% and 56% in direct sales. The very nature of the industry debts for this number, as direct selling businesses customarily offer a supplemental source of income with very bendy working hours. Nonetheless, 82% of direct sellers were with their agencies for more than a year and those who drop out do so as a result of they’ve already achieved what they wanted to. The highest earnings of direct sales was in the year 2006, with total sales amounting to $32.

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18 billion in the US alone. There has been a gentle augment in annual income from $26. 69 billion in 2001 to $32. 18 billion in 2006. The industry has experienced a short drop in sales here year, with annual revenue amounting to $30. 80 billion.

In 2010 annual revenue was marked at $28. 56 billion. Within a period of ten years from 1998 to 2008, there has been a 2. 6% growth rate in sales made from direct selling. Within a year from 2010, sales growth was marked at 0.

8%. On common, an instantaneous seller earns about $1,974 a year from operating part time in direct sales.