DigitalOne, Harris Street, Melbourne

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DigitalOne offers Digital Advertising answers to direct clients, companies and online publishers around the world. We connect advertisers with their viewers across all digital media systems using its big reach to deliver right messages to the proper audience, through the most relevant and best performing electronic channel. Through our foreign publisher network we give you seamless access to scale. Die DigitalOne bedient sowohl Advertiser, als auch Publisher und sieht sich als Bindeglied beider Seiten. DigitalOne ist international positioniert und kann beim Einkauf, als auch beim Einsatz neuester Technologien auf weltweite Netzwerke und Kontakte zurückgreifen.

DigitalOne steht für allerhöchste Qualität wenn es um die Zu‐ oder Auslieferung von zielgenauem Traffic geht. Unser Qualitätsanspruch wird bewiesen: Durch den Einsatz neuester Technologien wird eine Transparenz geboten, die jeden Tag beweist, dass Qualität nicht nur ein Wort ist. Post by M Cadd / DigitalOne Melbourne On the drive back from a week long break on the Victorian coast, seeing and smelling the smoke on our last day gambling on the beach and an eerie feeling riding in the course of the smoke that lined the Victorian countryside made me pause. While the beginning of 2020 was all about kicking business goals i am preoccupied by this exceptional and transforming into tragedy it’s it is unfolding here in my beloved Australia. It’s hard to take into account writing about a contented new year when so many were impacted by bushfires ago weeks and months.

Instead, I send out a huge heartfelt thank you to all the emergency features employees and volunteers who are placing themselves at risk for the sake of the group. And a special acknowledgment to the partners and households of these heroes, hoping for their safe return. It’s completely heartbreaking to see the wear and tear being caused, including the unspeakable death and devastating impact on our natural atmosphere and flora and fauna. The famed Aussie spirit is being tested, but shining via. Our nation however, is modified all the time and now is the time to say enough is enough. May 2020 be the year our leaders, entrepreneurs and anybody as people take action on the causes of extreme climate events.

The below photograph in today’s paper saddened me extremely we ought to make certain we leave a more robust world behind for the younger generations. Happy Friday!Today I got to enjoy an excellent consultation of digitalks with @Anne Miles CPM on gender neutral marketing. Evidence has long shown how dangerous gender stereotypes in ads can contribute to inequality in society, with costs for anyone. Put simply, it’s been found that some portrayals in ads can, over the years, play a part in limiting people’s means. Today Anne showcased some great examples on the subject and while 83% of entrepreneurs think their corporations are doing a superb job in growing ads that avoid gender stereotypes, the reality is awfully various. So if ever unsure, down load the free guidelines on UB4Y9 and be part of the change!genderbias adlanddiversity Australia are you ready for interactive video?Stoked to announce that we’ve got partnered up with ClipFlip to bring you one cool interactive video expertise.

Already tested by one of the world’s best known brands and dealers we’ve seen mind-blowing outcomes: • 60% more clicks •• 40% more user engagement • • 15% more talents about merchandise • • 7% more sales through e Commerce If video is your game let’s connect and make your videos more applicable, informative and fun.