Digital Marketing: Understanding, Types and Effective Tips to Do It

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Digital Marketing: Understanding, Types and Effective Tips to Do It

Digital Marketing Understanding Types and Effective Tips to Do It

Along with the growth of technology rapidly, Digital Marketing becomes a powerful weapon to make marketing more optimally. However, many have not yet understood very well regarding the understanding of digital marketing and concepts in the world of marketing.

Digital Marketing is closely related to the use of applications, smartphones and PCs. However, is the understanding right? To better understand digital marketing. Please refer to the review below:

Understanding Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing is all kinds of promotional activities carried out with electronic media intermediaries. Which means, promotion through television and radio media that has been done since decades last year is part of the concept of digital marketing.

However, digital terms on marketing techniques have just been popular recently. This is because the use of smartphones and gadgets increases. Not only that, even, the internet and smartphones are inseparable parts of everyone’s life.

Basically, marketing is an attempt to make contact in consumers or target markets. Due to the number of market segments in the virtual world, the term digital marketing becomes increasingly popular.

6 Types of Digital Marketing

The world of online marketing has grown, and currently there are clearly more than one way to market your product or service on the internet.

The good news is that even though this area is a separate marketing category, all can work together to achieve goals and grow your business.

Digital marketing can be categorized in 6 main scientific disciplines:

  • Content Marketing – manufacture and publication of useful content designed to attract, educate, and maintain your target audience.
  • Native Advertising – Also called Advertorial, Native Advertising is an online advertising type that resembles website editorial content or publications they promote.
  • Pay per click advertising (PPC) – PPC is a marketing strategy involving online advertising. Advertisers pay every time a user clicks on one of their ads.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is the practice of improving the website so that it becomes friendly search engines and carry organic traffic to websites.
  • Social Media Marketing – Practice promoting products or services on social media platforms.
  • Email Marketing – Marketing Approaches that use email as a way of marketing and maintaining potential and existing clients.

Effective Tips Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is considered to have a positive effect on the results of sales. However, Digital Marketing must be done with perseverance to become more effective. If you are wrong, your marketing efforts can be messy. So, how about effective digital marketing tips to get results according to the wishes?

The full review can be seen below:

Determine the strategy

The first thing you have to determine is how strategies to run digital marketing. You need to understand the Unique Selling Proposition or USP. You must know which part you are going to be from the product. What is the quality or service?

If the USP product is known, then you need to make the USP a story. Where this story can be used in marketing tactics later. So, this story will give a deep impression to the audience.

An example you can see in this first tips is on Geico products. When you visit the website, the first impression that will be obtained is Fun and Dependable. Because, in the tagline is More Than Just Car Insurance. So, Geico used an adorable mascot for the fun impression he formed.

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If the USP has been determined, then understand the emotional needs of the audience. To give an overview of emotional needs, it can be seen in a woman who buys shoes.

Emotional needs of a shoe product are the many people who like the same product. For that, you can make the most favored shoe list or most favorite.

If emotional needs are known, it’s time to make a value statement. You can make words that summarize all things that have been made. For example, in the Microsoft Dynamic company with Value Statement in the form of “Your Transformation Starts Here”. Make sure you make a value statement that prioritizes consumers.

Map the audience

After the strategy has been determined and applied, then the next step is to map the audience. So that the strategy can be executed, you need to understand the audience.

The stage in mapping the audience begins by determining the persona audience. All you need to browse is about motivation, demographics, and its purpose. The next stage is to make the audience segmentation to sort the audience that only wants to find information or motivated buying products.

After that, understand more potential audiences. Do housewives aged 35 to 40 years? Or housewives aged 30 to 35 years? Or housewives who don’t have children?

You must consider the aspect of profit. The way is to measure the Value Customer (Costumer Lifetime Value / CLV). Measurements can use RFM analysis. That way, you can know the most favorable products and also the most potential segmentation.

To increase the CLV it is by increasing consumer loyalty. You also have to make the customer promote the product on his friends. Because, the best marketing is by word of mouth or the term Word of Mouth.

Determine goals and more objective

To understand the business you are running or not then determine the GOALS from the business. If the Goals you describe are getting more new customers, then digital marketing you live by hooking new customers. However, if the goals are increasing profitability, then all you need to do is increase revenue. Also, you have to cut production costs.

For example, if the business goals that are undertaken are revenues with a nominal of $ 50,000, -, then find the way that your marketing planning management can be measured (tangiable).

If from one product you get a profit of $ 45, -, it takes 1,112 customers in one year. However, this cannot be used as marketing goals. Because, you need to know how many conversion rates from people paying. If there are 80% Conversion Rate, then at least there must be 1,390 payments in one year.

Also, know the Conversion Rate from your website visitors and do questions. If 10% has an interest in asking, then at least there must be 23,160 visitors of the website within one year. To find out the Conversion Rate, use Google Analytics.

The next stage by determining the channel to be used. However, before, determine it first adjust what to achieve. Is it engagement, or acquisition. If the goals are different, the channel is different.

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If Acquisition is a business goal, you can maximize SEM or Search Engine Marketing. You also have to have a website with strong content so that businesses are more SEO friendly. SEM will give the return on investment the highest than other channels.

However, if your GOALS engagement, the best channel is Medsos. If the Goals you are headed are loyal audience, the most appropriate channel in this digital marketing is e-mail.

Measure the strategy that has been applied

The most end tips in digital marketing are measuring the success of the strategy. That way, you are easier to find out the most effective channels and tactics. You can measure KPI, Objective, and Engagement.

KPI is a goal that has an impact on indirect sales. However, all will lead to the sale. For example Social Sharing, Visit Website, and SEO Ranking.

Engagement is also so. Although basically engagement enters KPI, it is more inclined on the interaction that appears in the content. Like the number of shares, like, and also impressions.

While the biggest thing to measure is objectives. Starting from increasing leads to sales. Although the KPI and Engagement are obtained high. Not necessarily can surpass objectives that are in accordance with the target. Although engagement on medsos is high, it has no significant impact on sales. Without the Conversion rate, the channel will not reach the targeted objective.


If all strategies have been implemented in hand in hand, digital marketing can run effectively. Also, it will reach targeted gouals. Implementing a strategy is a measurable thing that can be carried out in accordance with the specified objective. So, success can be obtained.

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