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While other social media platforms are seeing steady or rapid growth, Twitter has didn’t grow its user base in 2017. Recently, the platform tried to restore its reach by increasing its traditional 140 character count to 280 characters, but this effort’s achievement has yet to be seen. Some users are in fact indignant that what they believed was a differentiator for the platform is now gone. Indeed, using under 140 characters forced individuals and brands to be genuine and succinct in their ideas.

It was difficult but fun. Now, however, the platform is more corresponding to Facebook or LinkedIn in what number of characters it allows, and it’ll likely suffer as a result of that. Meanwhile, LinkedIn has made a few advancements to its advertisements platform in 2017 and supplied a refreshed user interface, providing new alternatives for B2B and B2C brands. Instagram, for its part, continues to grow at an amazing rate. In 2017, Instagram introduced that about 800 million people use the platform every month.

Their latest tool, Instagram Stories, became more normal than Snapchat just 365 days after going live, and we think more people to continue to migrate over from Snapchat to Instagram Stories in 2018. Many B2C brands are inclined to see better engagement on Instagram than every other social platform, and its staggering advertisements controls should help it become the go to channel for social media advertising in 2018. Adobe predicts that machines will start making strategic advertising and marketing decisions. In such a situation, the software will examine data to construct segments, start and stop campaigns across a whole lot of channels, and create custom copy which will target perceived personalities. Because clients are more loyal after they see advertising that specifically focused to them in accordance with their behaviors, these advances in AI and behavioral advertising and marketing in 2018 will allow sellers to more with no trouble engage with their customers and customers. After all, no data is more insightful than when buyers themselves inform you what they need via the actions they take.

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While streaming sites like YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Video have always had ads inbuilt, structures like Netflix are just just now starting to follow suit. While the platform remains to be technically ad free, it came under scrutiny in 2016 for obvious product placement in its fashioned series “The Ranch,” causing viewers and critics to wonder if this can become the recent normal for the platform. In 2017, Accenture began working on a product placement generation that it believes may be a billion dollar income generator in a better few years and will address the issues advertisers are facing with ad blocking off program.