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Interests and Remarketing This type of targeting means that you can target people according to what Google they could be drawn to. The cool thing is that here you’ve got a couple of options. You can choose “Affinity Audiences” — Target People in large numbers in keeping with their long run interests, “In market Audiences” — Reach people who are actively shopping and evaluating items like yours, “Remarketing” — Terget people who already had interaction along with your website or app, “Customer email lists” — You can show ads in Gmail to those that have offered you with their Gmail email address. pCloud has a feature that makes sure ONLY YOU have access to certain files.

It is termed pCloud Crypto. When you choose in for pCloud Crypto you get to create a Crypto folder. It adds client side encryption, i. e. the encryption technique is carried out on your device. The encrypted model of your files is uploaded to the servers.

Even pCloud, as a carrier issuer, will not know what sort of data you store in your account. Your files can be encrypted and decrypted only with your Crypto Pass. Be careful tho as a result of if you lose or forget your Crypto Pass your files can’t be lower back because the folder can’t be decrypted even by pCloud’s Sys Admins.

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