Digital Marketing – Optimization of the website keyword penetrates the first page of Google

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Digital Marketing – Optimization of the website keyword penetrates the first page of Google

Digital Marketing Optimization of the website keyword penetrates the first page of Google

SEO is the process of increasing your site’s visibility so that internet users can find your website through search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. According to Rhein Mahatma as a co-founder of and Founder, SEO is a method of optimization that helps improve your website’s ability to be listed on the first or second page of organic search results. Even according to Smart insights, occupying position 1 on page 1 is an important thing because CTR (percentage of a link clicked) a search result significantly if the friend’s website position only occupies 2, 3, etc. on the first page. Especially if our website is on page 2. According to data, the number of searches on the second page is very small. For most people, if you don’t find what they are looking for, they will replace or fix their search keywords.

The world of digital marketing has many techniques for online marketing approaches and actions. The following table will explain the effects of various online marketing actions including SEO for various components such as Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversion, and Retention. Brand Awareness is a special purpose component if you are new in a particular market and you want people to know your brand. Lead Generation In general is getting new traffic or potential customer visiting your e-commerce website. Conversion is converting the leads that come, encourage visitors to order on your e-commerce website, and become your customer. Retention makes your existing customer to create repeat purchase on your website and encourage them to become a loyal customer.

If you want to establish an online business both startup and SMEs, according to Rhein Mahatma, there are several ways to start and make you successful in it, namely:

What Your Yoo.

If you want to start a startup business or SME business, you must understand and know well start a business in this niche from when and will last until when. It is important to know the period you play in a particular business domain to be able to focus on one thing and get maximum results later in the future.

Build Brand

All goods and services products require a brand known to be strong and institutionalized among the wider community. No less important when starting a new business with a new brand is building the brand from the start. Make and build a brand equal to raise and bring Direct Traffic.

Tips: For the initial stage, promotion can use Facebook to reach many audiences at a relatively low cost.

Next, fill in your blog content with useful content and not too general. Try to be the best content in the industry that you are in. Keep in mind that the length of the article also affects the ranking, the longer and use the content you make and display then the longer time-on-site on your website.

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The next thing that also needs to be considered is the Action User. Action user is very influential and important in a website staying on the first page of a search engine. The opportunity to comment, giving responses, discussing in the forum, or even carrying out upload and downloading is an effective thing. When the article is written in length, the table of contents in the initial part of the article will greatly help readers know what topics are discussed in the article as a whole.

Keyword literacy

As a newcomer in the industry, you have to literate the keyword. Like keys Keyword Here it means to know the right keywords that are popular and not, as well as an effective or not keyword in the industry that you are on. For example, you build SMEs in the field of baby equipment, of course, your keywords are about baby equipment and not even cooking utensils, for example. Google Keyword Planner can help you to literate keywords.

Keyword strategy

The first thing you can do to determine the right keyword strategy for business in your industry is to find out the keywords of your competitors. You can search for information and know the keywords of your competitors by using various applications such as Alexa Free, Alexa Premium, and Keyword Revealer.

For those of you who have just started a business in the industry, you should focus on the content in the Initial Research category. The outermost category of the diagram above is part of the Broad Search term which is wider and has many searches every day. Examples of Broad Search categories such as Camera or Digital Camera. In the middle, the refine search is more specific for example, such as selling digital cameras and buying a mirrorless camera. The most important and effective type is Content Research which is the most specific of all the other parts above. Examples of Content Research, namely selling Canon EOS Mark III or buying the Nikon D700 camera.

You can also learn to understand the topic you search for your target market via Always remember to play the game you can win. Find Longtail keywords, High Research Volume, and Low Competition. If your website already has many Blogspot (Blogspot / products), look for keywords that are ranking less good but have great volume search. You can use EVERYWHERE keywords to find out the superior keywords. You can also make many articles and build a variety of keywords Long Tail.

Tips: If you want to make a new business, find keywords that are now unpopular but potential will be trending in the future.

Evergreen Keyword vs Seasonal (Expired Keyword)

Evergreen Keyword is an eternal type of keyword of all time and does not depend on seasonal aliases. The keyword this model is a keyword that will continue to rise and not know the time. Whereas Seasonal (Expired Keyword) is a seasonal type of keyword or has an expiration date on search engines. Keyword type like this will be boom for a moment then sink at all if the season or trend has passed/run out. Examples of Seasonal (expired keywords) are the 2014 vice-presidential candidates and highest junior high school winners in Indonesia in 2016. Examples of Evergreen Keywords such as how to become successful entrepreneurs, how to do business online, etc.

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Long Tail

Long Tail is a keyword type that is long or more than two words. Long Tail is usually effective in use as a keyword if you enter a new realm in a business industry. Examples of keywords in the Long Tail category are “how to get rid of acne scars” or “how to become a reseller online shop”.


Turning links, also known as incoming links, inbound links, inlinks, and backlinks, are links that enter a website or web page. In basic terminology links, backlinks are any link received by a web node (web pages, directories, website, or top-level domains) from other web nodes. Before getting a backlink, it’s a good idea:

  • Build the Best Content First Backlinks
  • Build internal link first after that backlink outside the website
  • Building a Brand (Direct Traffic) First New Backlink

Various backlinks that Google Like search engines include the following website:

  • Social: Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, Google+ (individual posts counted as backlinks), Tumblr, MySpace
  • Graphic:, Storify, Behance
  • Wiki: Wikipedia, wikiHow,
  • Presentation: (Link in the Presentation Slide), Google Docs, Slideshare
  • Q & A:,
  • Academic Paper:,,
  • Photography:,,,, (if you are a photographer who sells your photos on the photography website, don’t forget to tag your image and give backlinks to your website on the profile page)
  • Host Talkshow:,

It should also be remembered that Google search engines prohibit you hard to buy backlinks or are included in the backlink massively (very much) by various websites at a time. Therefore, keep in mind that the first thing to be built to make your website through the first page of Google is the focus on quality content. With quality content, undoubtedly the digital marketing strategy that you run will never be wrong and will increase the ranking of your site sooner or later.

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