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This article looks at the effects of the strong integration of Social Media in peoples daily lives during phase two. The author demonstrates nicely how the electronic generation perceives their dependence on Social Media and their fear to lose the contact to their peers without these structures, and thus picks up the implicitness of digital features in our daily life, which we discussed in the course to boot. For me, this article was appealing, as a result of I did already bear in mind to distance myself from Social Media besides. The article gives insights into the advantages and downsides of exiting the Social Media world.

Comment: In times of the omnipresent trend toward digitalization fogeys fear the bad influence of the digital world and try to get their kids off the monitors. The video seen at school was already astonishing, which emotional turmoil infants had without their smartphones. In the article it was very interesting to read that especially children of poorer circumstances are at the mercy of digitalization. Not as a result of they are able to´t afford the contraptions, it´s because their folks have less alternatives like procuring a nanny to take care of their children and confirm human interplay as an alternative of screens. Children of richer conditions spend 5h 42 min at displays while babies of poorer conditions 8h 7min.

The news article is ready robots assisting surviving dependants to grieve. Robots should be in a position to speak with the voice of the deceased person and perform common hand and head pursuits of the person. The bereaved have the robot for 49 days. This corresponds to the classic Buddhist period of mourning in Japan. On the 49th day the robot says good-bye and the mimic program is entire. I found this article interesting and a laugh as a result of on the single hand it sounds unusual to talk with a dead person in variety of a robot but on any other hand it also has a good thing, when it really helps the bereaved to grieve.

After hackers published non-public data of a large number of German politicians and artists on Twitter, this text severely examines the fit between democracy and big data. The authors thesis is hence: Digital data economy is fundamentally incompatible with democracy. It is finally the contrary of democracy and knowledge coverage. Democrats should be able to consult those who have absolutely diverse critiques. That is challenging, and it have to be practiced perpetually.

In the electronic world we lose this capability as it promotes life in the filter bubble and social isolation. The unique democratic capability to deal objectively and fairly with opposing pursuits is lost. I found this interesting since I never considered it that way. Even if the opinion of the writer is a little exaggerated, it has something true. Link the content material to the course:Facebook as a platform started in phase 2 of the digital evolution and now is suffering to remain an important social media channel. The article is telling about Facebook efforts to get into phase 3, means using “Stories” like Snapchat and Instagram are doing.

Like we are discussing in the course the article is making an attempt to have a look in the future – ago we placed every thing on Facebook, but here’s altering, what are the influences on our marketing company?Like we mentioned in course the brand new problem for advertising funnels is to arrive the people at the right moment – also the article is recommending to reach people on Facebook, once they using it, not just having an ads on Facebook feed. In addition, using photos in social media advertising and marketing is old common, videos are more beneficial to arrive the target group. Link the content to the course:The article explains the importance of synthetic intelligence as a success factor for future digital advertising actions. As discussed at school, artificial intelligence is an essential factor in phase 3 of the digital evolution. Artificial intelligence helps businesses to use smarter machines or robots which could be one of the most disruptive applied sciences of the next decade.

A personal highlight in school was that artificial intelligence may even go one step further and combine human encouraged parts from cognitive and emotional competence. It continues to be interesting how companies will implement the transition from phase 3, Semantic Web, to phase 4, Emotional Web. Link the content to the course:The article explains essential checklist for doing electronic advertising successfully in 2019. In this text, many equal features as discussed in class are confirmed. The very a must-have parts of good electronic advertising are self initiated collectives, word of mouth trustfulness, micro influencers and human stories with a meaningful message as a main aspect in branding campaigns. The best brands are capable of bring value with electronic content via Instagram stories or alike.

As mentioned in class, no crusade gets attention if no value is obvious for the folks. Good marketers should think about the cost first, before considering getting interest and even conversion. As shown by the instance in class, a more promising mindset is to consider micro influencers. Those are those who have a stronger connection to their fans and have a more credible and faithful image. Therefore, the engagement per post is higher than macro and mega influencers mainly reach. The article addresses the ability of electronic media.

It refers to the opportunity of business by growing and arising purchaser leads and strong brand consciousness. It even outlines that customers tend to follow more known brands over celebrities, hence branding is vital. As well it explains the impact of shared media of micro influencers on it’s community, leveraging the reach of a fine community of users. The major focus of the article can be summarized as augment of name awareness, generation of leads, boost of sales and viral growth. This closes the loop to our discussions in clase about impact of digital advertising on our environment.

The phase of the article in the digital evolution: Content addresses Phase 2 – Social and Mobile WebContent link to the course: The Content links to the subject about customer centricity where it is described that only a USP is not enough any longer but more excellence in all topics is needed today from customers. Additionally, it is addressing the will for a new customer relationship with hyper personalization, top-quality convenience and fast reaction. Interest: How does the customer journey should seem like today in an omnichannel world and mixed searching possibilities in offline and online channels. The main reasons why a company should manage its purchaser adventure are ROIM Return on Marketing Investments, improvement in buyer carrier costs, high-quality mentions through social media but also increasing income through buyer referrals and cross and up selling. As regards the sales funnel, agencies tend to focus rather on the pinnacle or the bottom but fail to interact with the middle line. Results are inadequate content material, bad usability, poor CTA and bad enquiry procedures, which hinders companies to totally reach their income potential.

Often, agencies do not always require more leads but should as a substitute focus on nurturing and interesting via relevant content – quick, friendly and advantageous troubleshooting also via channels other than e mail and get in touch with calls is essential. Since “purchaser service is backed by conversational advertising”, AI based chatbots begin to become an exquisite answer. As discussed in the course of the lectures, it doesn’t matter where you look: if it’s about advertising and marketing, it’s automatically also about digital advertising. It seems as if classic marketing now not plays a role, as a result of people can be reached best through social networks or other online channels. The headline of the article “Finding The Sweet Spot With Traditional And Digital Marketing” displays the content perfectly. Even if nowadays a large number of folks sincerely prefer convenience in form of online searching and online commercial, companies should keep in mind that eye catching ads in magazines or on television still generate a recognizable reach.

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However, at a similar time it is apparent that traditional marketing has a lot of risks compared to the web models of commercial:1. Traditional print or tv advertisements reaches a comparably small number of folk on the only hand but costs numerous money on any other hand2. Traditional advertising doesn’t allow the agencies to procure counsel about the “users”, which would be of serious skills in regard to the optimization of commercials but in addition of the product. Influencer advertising plays a more and more important role in social media advertising and marketing. Hereby influencers, which does not only include celebrities, but especially micro influencers with a high but moderate variety of fans, are in the foreground. Mouth to mouth propaganda still plays a vital role when it involves buying merchandise.

The good feeling to buy a definite product is especially then existent, when suggested by chums or a loved one. In social media, these barriers are becoming blurred. As mentioned during the lecture, strangers, namely the influencers, seem to become chums you trust and imagine in. For me, this text is mainly interesting with reference to the trust aspect. While you mostly would not trust a stranger in the street when it is ready pricey beauty merchandise or nutritional dietary supplements, a lot of people do so on Instagram and other social media channels. This is an extra proof that different rules apply in social media than in real life and that our mind-set changes once entering the digital world.

This form of digital advertising represents an excellent chance, especially for small and/or unknown businesses, as a result of with the right appropriately chosen influencers that you would be able to create a large media penetration. The article deals with digital fact advertising trends and embraces the fact that VR is gambling a huge role and is outwardly a “all of a sudden turning out to be section”. The author outlined that AI, AR and VR is more often merged together e. g. filter on Instagram and Snapchat. He also mentioned that emotional engagement is extremely essential, and VR is getting more immersive and tactile – that may help a company to be towards clients.

Another trend mentioned was gamification – I personally really like that trend because I have already implemented a few games at my work events and so far, it was really successful. Also at school we talked about VR, AI and AR and discussed the relevance of those topics to agencies. We also looked at buyer engagement and that it is essential to look into the customer and find out what he/she likes. The best could be to have a long run value to the buyer in mind. AR, AI and/or VR can be the facilitator for brand spanking new alternatives.

In frequent, I think it is amazingly appealing to see what type of new trends emerge and the way quickly a corporation should adapt to new advertising and marketing trends which will not miss out. The next article I looked at was about brand advertising and marketing in times of the coronavirus. It illustrated really expert how the crises impacted the best way brands speak with their clients and it also highlighted that clients behavior modified. The author mentioned that brands have to bear in mind that folk will view their brands in a different way – the goal in such times could be to provide “feel good content material”. People will it seems that look more intently at brands and “judge” their behavior in a different way – e.

g. SAP presented its Qualtrics Remote Work Pulse platform at no cost to agencies that had to adjust quite effortlessly to the brand new condition – sets an announcement to customer that SAP is not inclined to exploit companies in need. I think it is extremely interesting to see how fast agencies adapted to this new change and I think for me it also is appealing to understand how brands and brand attention can change in such instances. Also in the digital marketing course we heard it’s essential to listen to your clients and to analyze their behavior. In addition, we live in a VUCA world – colourful, doubtful, crazy and astounding and hence we should always include it.

In frequent, it is important to seem ahead and be able to change ideas or plans – as all people probably learnt over the past 6 weeks. Digital advertising is now because of the corona virus and restricted physical access extraordinarily important to still reach clients. It is very interesting and shows that the tools we learn in the course also are relevant for B2B agencies, particularly in times where electronic advertising and marketing is sort of the only real way for us to do advertising. I like this text since it shows alternatives and feasible movements to stay a market presence and do good advertising and marketing, even when there are restrictions. I can imagine that many agencies now are making an investment more in digital advertising because of the crisis and I am hunting forward to seeing how digital advertising and marketing will broaden.

This article is about the new probabilities which expertise offers regarding marketing. It discusses that with AI, advertising strategies and practiced can be enhanced and not costing all jobs for marketeers. The instance of A/B trying out is mentioned and the way with know-how the outcomes are better than if a human would do it. Therefore, marketeers can consider the human, emotional side – as a result of here is anything an set of rules can’t. Creativity and considering out of the box will still be essential and any other things a desktop can do, is something a computing device should do.

This article pertains to the content material of the class, as a result of essential applied sciences were announced with the key message that the human part is not substituted. Furthermore, the article shows that expertise like AI can help us in advertising to arrive better results for bound task, but other task which come with e. g. creativity is anything where the human is still superior. Therefore, AI and other technologies want to be introduced and concept to marketeers, so they can use if correctly. Interesting is also that this article reflects on how it’s a myth that know-how is costing all jobs, since it also creates new job.

Throughout human history technology was always replacing jobs that can be changed, but also create new jobs which were then needed. This article deals with the three topics: building online groups, humanizing your brand and social purchasing. I like this article, since it gives a quick assessment of the most crucial points an organization should believe regarding their social media advertising method. What I find mainly appealing is that agencies still underestimate the impact of growing a positive user event UX in case of revenues. We also discovered in regards to the significance of user event in class – the product/service needs to be “fast, easy and fun” our examples at school: Google, HelloFresh, Amazon, Airbnb….

Due to the mentioning of social media I would suggest phase 2 of electronic evolution, but at a later stage of the article personalized ads are mentioned which I would see more in phase 3 of electronic evolution. Comment on the article: This article is focusing on the past, present and way forward for advertising. However I only want to highlight the longer term, as these trends are actually identifying if a advertising crusade is successful in the future or not. The trends for 2030 say that social media is evolving abruptly. This means Twitter will be used as a real time buyer provider communique platform. Further also the branding attitude on social media is altering from brand owned social media profiles to investing heavily on influencer advertising and marketing.

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Why did this article pastime me?This article is in particular appealing for me as I am not 100% convinced from the influencer advertising. I agree that concepts from pals and family are worth far more than any advertise crusade. However I think that individuals are nowadays already so used to social media and earning money with social media, that additionally they needless to say many influencers are just recommending a product as a result of they are paid for doing so. Therefore I am still stunned how much influencer advertising is still gaining in significance. However I would also consider the aspect that micro influencer, are doubtless the better choice than specializing in the really big fishes with hundreds of thousands of fans.

Link content material to the course: This article talks in regards to the transformation from offline to online. It shows that still regular offline events like trade fairs need to become digital. It talks concerning the digital display of advice which is a part of phase 1 of digital transformation but there were extra qualities like virtual showrooms, webinars and request forms that classify the instance to phase 2. The article mentions digital showrooms, which are the future for plenty of companies. Finally, the article showed the fulfillment of the electronic trade fairs but additionally mentioned that sooner or later, trade fairs can’t be completely digital but a digital part may still exist after the covid 19 guidelines. Comment on the article: The article deals with the affect of digital transformation and consequently the impact of digital advertising on the food and beverage industry.

Particularly in the area of digital media, food is one of the most generic and most searched for topics alongside sport and vogue. If you scroll through the latest posts on your Instagram start page, you’ll effortlessly detect that most of the people of the content built is set food or in reference to other topics e. g. relaxation, sports, little ones, …. Food is a vital part of our lives. In addition to the provision of important nutrients, the topic of food also brings a social aspect with family and pals.

As a result, this topic is a magnet for achieving reach and probably conversion rates and is therefore utilized by most of the people of social media influencers as a content focus or addition to their posts. Link the content material to the course: The article and the topic it addresses can be splendidly mixed with the agency I have chosen for the assignment. The ice organization Kolibri is meanwhile very famous and typical in Vorarlberg. However, this recognition has only constructed over the past 4 years. Previously, the agency was mainly known in Wolfurt, where it has its headquarters.

With a good electronic advertising strategy and presence, they changed this situation and are actually one of the vital preferable ice cream manufacturers in Vorarlberg and beyond Austrian borders Liechtenstein, Switzerland. We also mentioned the speed of the digital transformation, that are seen very in actual fact with regards to Kolibri. Digital transparency and permanent presence is a must-have for the sustainable achievement of a company. Why did this article pastime me?I was specifically interested in this article because I work in the advertising department of a beverage company. I am also mainly responsible for the help of the social media channels and therefore also for the advent of the weekly posts. The appealing thing about social media work is how customers react to the a range of posts.

Besides raffles, which generate high conversion rates, funny sayings in regards to the product also be capable to obtain equally high numbers. Other contributions that were theory to be super generate only a fragment of what you can have hoped for. For this reason, it is always crucial to be modern with a view to keep up with the newest trends. This is the only way to stay in the minds of clients. A in particular appealing aspect for me was that consistent purchaser contact in an genuine way is especially vital in times when clients devour little or not anything like during covid 19. Since the agency I chose also is active in the vogue industry, the article was of pastime to me, even though in my eyes most of the outlined points can only be carried out by larger agencies, as a result of they have more materials and money for superior technologies.

However, I think that many businesses still underestimate the significance of integrating a perfect omnichannel adventure and providing a customized service. In this aspect, I see inter alia the link to the course where we found out that folks still favor to get in contact with people. This creates value for the end consumer. Link to the course and personal hobby on the article: Due to the indisputable fact that for further research for the portfolio, it is crucial to know which digital marketing methods for automobile retail can be found and the way to enforce them, also it is interesting to know in a business and likewise private context that more than 80 % of car buyers do analysis online before buying a car. The most important method for promoting cars online are still online advertisements, as this is still a very basic way of advertising and marketing at all.

All in all this article is linked to the course on account of the way in which of transformation from offline to online business with a pricey product. Link to the course and personal hobby: Regarding SEO, it is essential to grasp that here is often where the customer adventure of the common car buyer starts. Therefore, it is essential to be supported on the first pages of the quest engine and matching keywords. Also in the course of the day to day use of smartphones will mainly optimize the significance of the mobile implementation of the website / app. Furthermore, suggestions is important for the acquire resolution so that you can latest brand and product particulars more precisely. An own concept beside SEO, good content etc.

is to supply the buyer a trustworthy appearance, especially in the used car trade. In typical the connection to course is that the electronic transformation is not to be imagined with out and hence the advertising approach of many car buyers needs to be modified to live to tell the tale within the high aggressive environment. Comment on the article: The article deals with the affect of digital transformation and consequently the impact of electronic marketing on the food and beverage industry. Particularly in the realm of electronic media, food is one of the most normal and most looked for topics along sport and vogue. If you scroll through the latest posts to your Instagram start page, you’ll quickly notice that most of the people of the content built is about food or in reference to other topics e.

g. rest, sports, toddlers, …. Food is an important a part of our lives. In addition to the availability of significant nutrition, the topic of food also brings a social aspect with family and chums. As a result, this topic is a magnet for attaining reach and probably conversion rates and is therefore used by the majority of social media influencers as a content focus or addition to their posts.