Digital Agency Viva Media sees new optimization opportunities with the Emerse ad platform Emerse

About EmerseEmerse is a fast starting to be Swedish agency in the sphere of programmatic ads. Since beginning in 2007, Emerse has been hired by many sought after businesses equivalent to Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca Cola, LG, Shell and Disney. Its technical platform DSP – Demand Side Platform which was built in house, works with sophisticated concentrated on algorithms. As well as aiding Barack Obama and Bill de Blasio win election victories. Owned and managed by its founder, Carl Johan Grund, Emerse was joined in 2015 by Spiltan, Sweden’s greatest funding agency, who became an incredible shareholder.

Emerse is a fast becoming Swedish technology company in the field of programmatic commercials. Since starting in 2007, Emerse technology and amenities has been utilized by many in demand clients around the world similar to Obama, Honda, Pizza Hut, Samsung, Mercedes, Coca Cola, LG, Shell and Disney. In 2018, Emerse managed completely all the digital election crusade for one of many parties in the Swedish national election. The Emerse generation platform DSP – Demand Side Platform was developed in house by the team in Lund, Sweden and works with superior algorithms and data to carry out automated buying and selling of ads space across a whole bunch of worldwide exchanges. Emerse Founder and CEO Carl Johan Grund was provided Entrepreneur of the Year by the biggest association of company owners in Sweden, Företagarna. Emerse was joined in 2014 by Spiltan, Sweden’s premiere investment agency, who since then has been a huge shareholder.

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