Difference in Scientist Data, Data Analyst and Data Engineers

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Difference in Scientist Data Data Analyst and Data Engineers

Difference in Scientist Data, Data Analyst and Data Engineers

Difference in Scientist Data Data Analyst and Data Engineers

In the era of digital like now, have you ever heard the Scientist Data Profession, Data Analyst, and Data Engineer?

These three professions are very closely related to the development of technology and data processing. Scientist data salaries, data analysts, and data engineers are also unable to play, can tens up to hundreds of millions of rupiah per month.

Curious about the work of these three professions? Come see the explanation!

Scientist data

A Scientist’s data is responsible for cleaning, processing, and processing large data that has been collected by the data engineer in a company. Scientist data also often have to do experiments to prove and provide the most appropriate advice for the development of an organization, company, and business entity.

In daily work, the Scientist data will often deal with questions such as “How many types of users are owned by the company?” And “Can create a model that can predict a product that will be selling if sold for a specific market target?”

In essence, work as a data scientist is how you can produce a digestible conclusion and accepted by all, based on the existing large data collection.

Every day, Scientist data deals with data processing programs such as SQL and Phyton. At least, you must master the fields of data, communication, mathematics, statistics, and economics.

Data Analyst

The Data Analyst profession requires you to face a lot of data to be cleaned, analyzed, and the visualization is made. The task of a data analyst is looking for Insight to advance the business of various aspects, then given to the data engineer.

Data Analyst is also responsible for processing the material provided to make experiments and determine advanced business strategies. Your days will probably be spent visualizing data that becomes a connecting team of marketing teams, sales teams, technical teams, and business strategies.

Data Analyst is also responsible for completing questions such as “How do we explain to management that the increase in costs affects the number of consumers?” and “What does business growth drive?”

To complete daily work, Data Analyst will work with Excel, Tableau, and SQL programs. You must master the term business and tools used to make graphics/infographics.

Data Engineer

Data Engineers are tasked with developing and creating data management architecture designs and monitoring their infrastructure in a company.

You will manage data paths for companies that handle large amounts of data. You also have to ensure that data can be collected and taken efficiently from sources when needed, cleaned, and processed.

The aim is to build and optimize the company’s system that allows data analysts and scientist data to complete their work. You must have expertise in the field of programming, big data, and mathematics.

As a data engineer, you will use a program like NoSQL, Hadoop, and Phyton. You also have to master Databases, SQL, ETL Tools, Pipeline, Shell Script, and Basic Programming. Data Engineers must also have special expertise in the field of programming, mathematics, and Big Data.

Whether it’s a scientist data, data analyst, or data engineer, the three jobs are still related and interrelated. Data Analyst and Scientist data will not be able to work without data engineers. While data engineers also will not maximally work without data analyst and scientist data.

At present, there are many vacancies for the three professions. Moreover, many companies need such as banking, health, education, media, travel, and transportation & logistics. So, you have a great opportunity to become a data scientist or analyst data. Hopefully, this information can add to your knowledge, ok!

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