Difference in Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Technopreneur

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Difference in Entrepreneur Intrapreneur Technopreneur

Difference in Entrepreneur, Intrapreneur, Technopreneur

Difference in Entrepreneur Intrapreneur Technopreneur

For most Indonesians, entrepreneurs are a fairly familiar term in the ear. Names like Yasa Singgih (Men’s Republic), Wenas, Dimas, Gaery, and Natali (Tiket.com), Until Carline Darjanto (Cotton Ink), are some young Indonesian entrepreneurs who make the term entrepreneurs more widely known. However, similar terms like intrapreneurs and technopreneurs may not be too familiar.

Many think that entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are two terms that are meant. While Technopreneur may still be a term that only a few people know the real meaning of.

Well, these three terms are related to the concept of entrepreneurship you need to know the difference so that you are not wrong. Interested in knowing the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, and technopreneurs? Yuk, see the following information!

Differences of Entrepreneur and intrapreneurs

Not a few people are curious about the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Is there a real difference between the two? Or, do they play almost the same role?

While there is no definite answer to this question, there are some of the main differences that make entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs are two different terms. This difference is stated by experts who are experienced in both fields.

Jan Kennedy.

The man who served as Director of the Founder Institute (Munich Chapter) and CEO of the Academy for Entrepreneurship of the Company, has his definition of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.

According to him, an entrepreneur is someone who tries to solve the problem by offering a decent solution affordably. While intrapreneurs do the same thing but do it in existing organizations.

Dario Okrent.

Dario Okrent is the General Manager of Wance, the first online car insurance company in Mexico. According to him, the intrapreneur differences and the main entrepreneurs are risks (and rewards). As an entrepreneur, you don’t have a network.

If you fail, you might lose everything. Whereas as an intrapreneur you have a supportive network. On the other hand, as an intrapreneur, you are not the owner of the company, so if you fail you will not lose everything, but if you succeed, the benefits obtained are lower.

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Anna Mazzone

Anna Mazzone, who is the executive director for Europe and the Head of the Global Customer Development in the Startup Silicon Valley also shared his opinion about the differences between entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. According to him, you will not lose everything as intrapreneurs, but you may face limitations in the funding source.

An entrepreneur is a visionary that can identify market problems and take risks to build commercial solutions and get external investors to fund their company development and growth.

An intrapreneur is also so, but usually, they run the company/startup in the Mothership domain. Intrapreneur has only one funding source, so sometimes it can limit its potential to succeed.

Entrepreneur vs intrapreneurs: Advantages

For intrapreneurs, working in a framework offers many advantages. One of the main benefits is that their organization can provide the resources they need.

These resources include human resources, legal teams, and financial supervision. In addition, intrapreneurship allows professionals to use funds from the organization where they work.

So, they don’t need to collect capital after the project runs. Intrapreneur also has access to mentors and can learn from other people in the company and use it as a valuable resource.

Meanwhile, the advantages of entrepreneurs are they get more freedom because entrepreneurs can determine the work culture, schedule, and even the rules of dressing for their own business.

They also have agencies to make end decisions and make changes at a high level. Even though entrepreneurs have a greater level of risk, they will also get the biggest advantage compared to intrapreneurs if their efforts are successful.

Get to know Technopreneur

Entrepreneurs are people who identify opportunities, turn them into products or services, estimate income and profits, and build a successful business with them.

While Technopreneur starts without anything except ‘ideas’. Technopreneur opens existing practices and systems and thinks of doing things differently. Technopreneur creates products or solutions that use weight and technology capabilities to change the way something previously done traditionally.

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Technopreneurship is also one of the main Entrepreneurship extensions. Technopreneur is a new era entrepreneur that utilizes technology to produce something new to make some innovations.

After the person was successful, he exploited his achievements in the market to make money. A technopreneur operates a business differently from other entrepreneurs. The business of a technopreneur has high growth potential and high intellectual knowledge and intellectual property leverage.

Technopreneur’s success

Technopreneur can succeed with awesome. For example, uber founders have ideas about different ways to call a taxi. Using the power of technology (building an integrated application of GPS), the existence of Uber truly changed the economy of the taxi industry.

As a new generation of entrepreneurs, technopreneurship involves together people who are intelligent, vibrant, creative, full of enthusiasm and understand technology. Unlike entrepreneurs, technopreneurship is rarely a single show. His success depends on how well the team collaborates.

Technopreneur’s work concept

There is a general trust in the potential of technology products. A group of skilled people together build technology products that can produce. Well, for Technopreneur, the main work concept is not about money.

However, it is more about the affirmation that the ‘idea’ possessed and developed is a decent idea and will succeed. The idea needs to work for the greater good mutual good, but the results do not need to be a global blockbuster.

For this reason, Technopreneurship is an expensive exercise and technopreneurs need to work without pay until their ideas become commercially worthy. The process is often not easy and they must be persistent, lead and motivate their team, looking for people who can provide funds, convey their ideas and make people interested in joining. This is where their work experience and past networks become very useful.

That is information about intrapreneur and entrepreneurial differences, and technopreneur. By knowing the difference, you can determine what terms are suitable for you. So, which one is more suitable for the profession you are working on?