Difference between Domain and Hosting

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Difference between Domain and Hosting

Difference between Domain and Hosting

Difference between Domain and Hosting

The difference between domain and hosting lies in their function. Hosting is a place/media to place website files such as images, videos, website scripts, and databases. Meanwhile, the domain is the name of the address of the building or website called the Domain. So without a domain and hosting, the website will not be online and accessible to many people via the internet.

What is the difference between Domain and Hosting?

Not a few are asking us, what is the difference between domain and hosting. Why do you need hosting and a domain to create a website? Could it be if you only buy one? Which domain or hosting matters? Is there any purchase of free domain hosting so that it is not complicated in the order process? Well, to answer that, please read the following explanation.

Only a few people know about domains and hosting, maybe because not everyone uses the website, so it’s no wonder that the word domain and hosting is still a little foreign to our ears. Especially for beginners who just want to create a website. They must be foreign and unfamiliar about hosting and domains. So you see, domain and hosting are the main components in creating a website. Without a domain and hosting, your website cannot be online and cannot be accessed by the internet.

Hosting is

Hosting is a place to put your website files. We just take it easy. If your website is like a house building, hosting is a plot of land on which the house is built, while the domain is the name of the address of your building/house.

Quoted from wpbeginner, Hosting has a function as a place or media to store all files on the website. It is intended that your website can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. The files on the website must be stored on a Hosting server. Well, this hosting server, of course, must be full for 24 hours. If the server is down, the website will not be accessible. For that, make sure your website is placed on the best hosting with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. When you already have Hosting, you will also get access to cPanel Hosting. cPanel Hosting is a control panel for hosting and domain management such as creating subdomains, doing web hosting, doing domain forwarding, managing SSL, creating email domains, managing hosting capacity, and so on.

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Domain is

Domain is the name or address of a website. The existence of this domain is no less important when compared to hosting. Without a domain, the website will not have a name. How can other people know and visit your website if the website doesn’t have a name? What should they click on search engines? Should other people open the website through the IP address? Impossible! Therefore, there is a Domain to complete Hosting. Domain is used to provide the name of the address on your website. There are 2 types of domains, namely gTLD domains (global domains) and ccTLDs domains (domain id).

First, the gTLD Domain is global and does not have any conditions. Examples of gTLD domains such as: .com, .net, .org, and so on. While the ccTLD Domain is the Indonesian domain (id). The id domain is regulated by PANDI. Examples of domain id such as: .co.id, .my.id, .id, and so on. Unlike the gTLD domain, specifically, the ccTLD domain (domain id) has certain conditions that have been issued by PANDI. Please search via google search to see the requirements for the ccTLD domain. You can order both of them within a minimum period of 1 year to subscribe.

Everyone is free to choose a domain name for their website. One domain name is only valid for 1 user. Domain properties cannot be “kept” or “booked”. So, if you want to order a domain name and it’s fixed to have the desired domain name, please immediately type in the domain name you want on the cheap domain message page. If you have finished placing an order, don’t forget to pay off the payment immediately so that the domain name you want is not used by other people and can be activated immediately so you can use it. Remember! Make sure you know the domain name you want to use before placing an order! If there is an error in writing the domain name, you cannot make a refund!

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Can you just buy a domain or hosting?

Can! However, keep in mind that a website can be online if you have a domain and hosting! If you have a blog from * WordPress, * Blogspot, * Tumblr, or * Weebly, you can do a custom domain. Custom domain is changing the domain address of a free media blog but still using the hosting of the blog. For example, you have a blog with my blog address. blogspot .com. Then you have a domain with the name my blog .com. Then, you want to direct the blog to an existing domain to make it look professional but without buying hosting. Can it? Can! You only need to point the domain address to Blogspot’s free hosting. However, the features you get are quite limited. You cannot get access to cPanel Hosting, manage hosting capacity, and so on.

Buy Free Domain Hosting

For beginners, usually don’t want to be complicated in matters of website creation. Especially for matters of domain orders and hosting orders. For that, please choose a domain and hosting service provider that provides an economical domain hosting package. Apart from being hassle-free, you can also get cheaper hosting prices. On some platforms, you can buy free domain hosting by ordering Domain and Hosting Savings Packages. You can choose Super Hosting with various capacities for 1 year and you can immediately get a Free Domain (.com, .net, and so on).

Besides, to make the website more secure, you can also get cheap free SSL. SSL is the security of a website. Like a fence, SSL will protect your building (website) from all virus and malware threats. SSL will create an encrypted path between the server and the web browser on the visitor’s side so that it will avoid malicious hackers. What if you can’t make your website? Quiet! You can take advantage of the platform’s Instant Deploy feature! To buy the best hosting as well as a free domain.

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How? Now you understand the difference between domain and hosting, right? So that your website can be online and accessed by other people, the website files must be uploaded to Hosting. The web hosting method is easy. There are several ways, such as uploading via file manager or FileZilla. Without a domain, the website is also impossible to be online. You can, but are there people who want to visit your website? Is there anyone who wants to memorize the IP address of the hosting server to just open your website page? We don’t think so. For that, make sure you choose the best hosting and quality cheap domains! Take it easy, there are many domain hosting providers with the best quality and affordable prices. That’s a little information that we can share about the difference between domain and hosting. Hope it is useful.

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