Designing rewarded video ads that interest mobile gamers

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Rewarded video ads are a lovely tool for mobile publishers that not only often provide immediate returns and useful impact for players, but they are able to also be a superb source of ad revenue. Recently, rewarded video has become more normal amongst mobile publishers as they’ve been proven to augment time spent within mobile games with the general public of gamers preferring them over in app purchases or premium pricing, in line with findings in a report from a survey carried out by Unity Technologies. The negative belief around some ads is starting to change as more innovative, less disruptive formats like rewarded videos are fitting more common and widely available as tools to increase gameplay in place of distract from playing. In order to reach positive engagement with rewarded video ads, it’s important to design the video ads in ways which are appealing and attractive to gamers, to boost gameplay as opposed to distract from it. For players who don’t are looking to spend their own money on in app rewards, in app commercials is an alternative approach to monetizing these users.

Rewarded videos current a chance to balance in app purchases or even fully substitute them depending on your monetization method. They afford the user something of value in the sport without the are looking to spend “real” money. In that sense, there’s a belief of added value on the player’s end. For publishers, rewarded video ads usually have a very good return on funding. In fact, over half of all mobile game developers determine video ads as having the highest income per user in comparison to other styles of in app ads, in line with Unity’s survey.

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