Demographic Change

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Come discover the common sense, but very counter intuitive and fascinating realm of demography. During this session, you’ll find out about the moving demography, and related alternatives and challenges for you and your organization. The demographic landscape in the USA is made of a chain of waves that are about twenty years in length. Business will rise and fall in line with the essential mass of customers heading toward it.

Demographers can forecast markets, societal phenomena, and economics with uncanny accuracy as a result of they count people, not money or things. Marketing, Sales, and Business leaders in transportation and logistics will walk away from this session with a different angle about their company, their country, and their world. It will come up with the information and insight required to think more strategically at work. This speaker will share real life examples that make demography suitable to today’s tradition, business climate and economy. About the Presenter: John Maketa is Chief Revenue Officer for Caliper, a human capital analytics manufacturer leveraging decades of information and established checks to expect and select high best applicants and TMSA Affiliate member.

Maketa is also a Fellow and advisory board member of The Work Institute and a guest lecturer at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. In 2013, he was invited as a area matter expert to participate in the Global Digital Innovation Initiative at the United Nations General Assembly. He is a co author of the bestselling book, “Now You’re Thinking!” and a research analyst of the 2014 EDA Trends in Executive Development Benchmark Report.

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