Definitive Guide To Increase Web Push Notifications Opt In Rate

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Every user is price sensitive. For higher value items, users always wait for the right price to buy them. So although he doesn’t buy a product now, you will catch that intent and ask him if he would like to “get push notification” when the price drops. Travel sites can easily get benefited from this. Since flight tickets are always high, the user looks for less expensive tickets.

Flight site can use this as a trigger to ask for sending “Push notifications” when the flight price drops. This can easily augment the subscription rate of push opt in for notifications. You can spark off the cost alert campaign in your push notification platform to update the subscriber on a value drop. Customers always check for reviews before buying anything. Why don’t you share the user experience of your push notification?You can ask the user who is already subscribed to your notification for testimonials. I am sure lots of your subscribers need to have benefited from your “Order tracking notification” or “price drop alert notification” or “free upgrade notification”.

Run a review campaign and ask your subscriber for a testimonial. Showcase such testimonials to your website. This will create a brand image for the hot users and augment your web push notification opt in rate as well as push notification click through rate.

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