Definition of supply and functions for business progress

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Definition of supply and functions for business progress

Business agreements refer to the joint agreement or communication between two or more parties who want to do business. The agreement is usually done between sellers and buyers to exchange valuables such as goods, services, information, and assets after making an offer.

Offer is considered completed or an agreement if two or more parties reach an agreement on the terms and conditions of the agreement.

A good offer will produce a mutually beneficial agreement, and it is very important for you to know the understanding of a good offer to generate profits for your business.

Understanding supply and acceptance

Definition of offers is a conditional proposal made by the buyer or seller to buy or sell assets, which are legal force if accepted. The offer is also interpreted as an act of offering something for sale, or bidding to buy something.

The meaning of bidding and receipts is the basis of a contract. To form a contract, there must be offers made by one party which in turn is accepted by other parties, and then, in many cases, goods and / or services must be exchanged between the two.

Element for offers

In law, the party made the offer called “offerer party”. Simply put, this is a person or company that has ownership of some form of goods and / or services offered.

Other parties in the agreement are called “bid recipients”. These are people or companies who are willing to pay to other parties some form compensation to use or obtain ownership of goods and / or services.

The results of this agreement are legally binding contracts, usually, but not always, resolved through the signature of both parties.

There are two parts for any offer:

Expressions: This is where the parties articulate in some forms of the tendency to sign the contract and make the contract bind legally after being received by both parties. The expression can take various forms, from personal discussions to letters outlining the basics of terms.

Intentions: This is a concept that is a little more biased, and is often handed over to the court to determine whether the intention is violated by a party or not. Basically, the intention involves the assumption by both sides that the agreement will bind legally and lead to the belief that no party will begin a discussion without intention to meet their bargaining sides.

The definition of offers can really cover anything, starting from oral agreements to provide services, such as home care, to detailed contracts with legal terminology that may be found in an agreement to buy an asset.

More than just an appointment, because it must be made with an understanding that what is agreed upon will bind legally. Can be used for goods, appointments to do services, or even promise not to be involved in an activity.

The more complex the agreement, the more likely each party will use a legal counsel to negotiate a contract.

Element of acceptance

Acceptance is the final agreement of both parties to approve the supply requirements. Although supply requirements are usually negotiated before receipt, if it can be shown that through behavior and communication carried out by the parties actually intend to approve the final requirements of the contract, the formal receipt of an offer is not required to bind legally.

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Receipt also does not always have to be in the form of signature on a piece of paper, although this is the most common agreement received between sportsak.

For example, if a party takes action that will not occur, such a painting contractor painting a house or professional transfer company that moves furniture from one location to another, it will be interpreted as an acceptance and agreement on the terms of the Consumer Dam’s offer must make a payment for this service .

How does the offer work

After knowing the understanding and elamen of the offer and acceptance, then it is to know how to work from the offer.

Offer is a clear proposal to sell or buy certain products or services under certain conditions.

Offers are made by way of making ordinary people and related parties understand the acceptance and will produce a binding contract. There are many types of offers that each have a combination of different features ranging from price requirements, rules and regulations, types of assets, and motifs of buyers or sellers.


Example of a bidding

For example, in terms of purchasing and negotiating real estate, prospective home buyers will write offers to sellers, and often include the highest prices they are willing to pay. After this official offer was submitted at a property agent company, eating Penawulaan was considered binding if the seller accepted the offer.

In terms of equity and debt offers, the offer price is a price in which securities published publicly offered to be purchased by investment banks that guarantee the problem.

When entrepreneurs decide for IPO or conduct an initial public offering, the price of this offer is estimated to be in sweet spots where there is a good demand from interested buyers and those who want to buy stock investment in the company, as well as consideration of supply. stock available.

Likewise, the tender offer is an offer to buy shares or debt companies from shareholders and bondholders at a certain price and for a certain period of time.

The term “offer” is also used to refer to the package that will be made by employers or companies to prospective employees, which consist of full salary, care packages and benefits, and other incentives such as the entry bonus or limited stock unit.

How to make the best deals in business?

1. Invite the right person of the offer maker

Before you start offering any agreement, you need to present the right person. To reach an agreement on your offer, it is important for the final decision makers to attend.

Before negotiations begin, make sure the other party also has full authority to make a binding commitment.

To ensure your offer is successful, make sure you are in a situation where you believe it has reached an agreement with the party who knows that the agreement has been approved by someone who is higher in the command chain.

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2. Perform preparation

Successful negotiators in direct offers always ensure that they are ready and have a plan.

In order for you to be able to offer effectively, you need to be fully involved, utilizing your tough plans, skilled techniques, logic, and reasons. You need to exchange ideas about creative approaches to be able to explore the possibility without limiting yourself to one particular path.

Although it is important to set your priority and alternatives, also make sure to be open. You must be open to information as well as data and weigh it impartially to determine whether there are offers with better options than you have to offer.

Preparation also consists of building good relations with your agreement colleagues. You need to take the time to understand their company and their organizational culture.

3. Always understand the risk

You may be very aware of the potential benefits of the agreement for the proposed offer. You also have to consider careful potential risks. Objective risk evaluation and management is very important to reach an agreement that can be accepted by both parties.

4. Focus on the main offer

When negotiating a business agreement, it is important for you to find out the main and focus on the problem that is resolved over the offer so you don’t discuss things that are not important too far. Avoid being trapped in a discussion about a small problem. Focus on important offers that will encourage resolution.

5. Respect the agreement

After the oral resolution is reached, you must record it in the form of a short agreement consisting of one to two pages. You don’t need to extend the process by trying to work on every detail. Important points must be written because the agreement is often canceled due to lack of momentum.


That’s understanding supply and discussion in business in full. Offer is a normal thing in business. By hiring the right people to offer and make a structured offer plan, it is likely that your business will get a clicking that is mutually beneficial for both parties.

If you are just starting a business and doing your own offer, teasers keeps instincts in making your service offer and product and understand what the selling value of the product you offer. It is also important to pay attention to the actual consumer needs to smooth your offer.

Also make sure you record the sale of products or services that occur to find out the benefits or losses in your business. Financial recording also makes you easier to make a business development plan based on factual financial data.

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