DATx integrates blockchain based technologies with Artificial Intelligence and large data techniques to construct an innovative advertising surroundings which provides data privacy, security and transparency among data owners the users and the advertisers that utilize them, granting the users the proper to gain handle over the data they want to deliver in addition to giving them applicable incentives for offering data. In exchange, the advertisers become more green as they are able reach their target viewers more precisely, creating a just and win win user advertiser dating. Users tend to have little to no control as to what commercials are shown to them. This serves as a big disadvantage on both the advertisers and users as a result of this causes a decline in Return of Investment ROI and click via rate CTI.

Furthermore, users give bad feedback on receiving commercials that they are not inquisitive about, tarnishing the image of promoting structures and the advertisers. Personalized options have developed in the promoting industry these days and solved some of those problems, though not doing away with them completely. This is due to a lack of user involvement in the advertising atmosphere. Bio: Guus graduated from the University of Hogeschool in The Netherlands, he is a professional in Affiliate Marketing, Social media, SEO, PPC, PPV, online promotion areas. He served for DotC United Group for over 3 years and now is the latest COO of Avazu Europe /NA/Latam, before that, he was a Sales Director of the EU area of iQU.

Guus dedicated his efforts into Creating a perfect connections among gamers, publishers and advertisers and try to earn more robust marketplace for online games.

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