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This is a captivating idea. I’ve been to ‘Skeletons In The Closet’, the giftshop of the L. A. Corner’s office and went to Gibsonton after studying the book ‘Lobster Boy’ concerning the death of Grady Styles, and also went to Belle Glade Florida after studying about how the residents lied to social scientists early on in the AIDS epidemic: telling them that insect bites were spreading the epidemic as adverse to admitting to their sexual undertaking.

But I don’t always think it’s as simple as merely wanting to have a window into the sorrow of others nor do I think you’re saying that. Often it’s just the desire to see the true world representation of anything you’ve read about. I look forward for your next article. 2. If a man from a built nation goes to a developing nation to do a little manual labour building an orphanage, say, then, while it can help the country out, it is likely to be far less so.

However, it’s likely that for just the cost of the plane ticket, a number of local employees might have been hired in its place, gotten more done for the country, as well as having some direct advantage to themselves and their households. That quite volunteer tourism is definitely a bit egocentric — it’s all concerning the wealthy person getting an experience, and really little concerning the advantage to the poor country. I travel to North Korea yearly and I would say that I am into Dark Tourism. My Cold War resume comprises the USSR four times, all of Eastern Europe in the old days distinctive times and Cuba. The West Bank was fun and I have spent a day in a Soviet jail. China in 1985 was fun.

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It is thrill trying to a point but it is more about the adventure. Has it been bad?My encounter with the East Germans was “disagreeable” but going where others do not has its reward. Romania was a nightmare in 1979 and the early 1980s however the amount to be found out about dictatorships was lucrative. Iran to me is not dark enough. As I say to pals, if they shoot travelers then I am up for it. See my photos under Zaruka at Flickr.

Latest DPRK photos at teach HS in FL, and I’m taking some students to the Mississippi Delta next week flooding be damned. A major stop on the trip is a 3 hour tour of all major locales associated with the Emmett Till case, from the Bryant Store where he “whistled” at the white proprietress, to the spot in the river where the body was found, to the courtroom where the killers were acquitted and every thing in among. I did the tour with a set of lecturers last summer, complete with police escort; I stopped at the Bryant Store solo back in 2006 and had my life threatened by a pickup and gun rack local. Dark tourism, with a lot of ugly stares, indeed. Contact the Tallahatchie County, MS Parks and Recreation Department to prepare your individual tour; they’re guided and free. I hope the scholars learn from the journey, regardless of its morbid nature.