Customer Satisfaction Indicator: Definition, Types and Functions for Business

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Customer Satisfaction Indicator: Definition, Types and Functions for Business

Customer Satisfaction Indicator Definition Types and Functions for Business

Customer satisfaction indicators are very important for entrepreneurs, this is because business will definitely run more smoothly if the owner of the business entity pays attention to customer satisfaction when receiving the products or services provided.

If consumers feel satisfied with the products or services provided, there is a possibility that it will become a permanent customer who is loyal to one company. Therefore as a business owner, paying attention to customer satisfaction is very important to plan a business plan in the future.

This article will explain the understanding and usefulness of knowing customer satisfaction indicators.

Understanding customer satisfaction indicators

The definition of customer satisfaction is the level of customer satisfaction after comparing services or products received according to what is expected. Assess customer satisfaction and increase consumer expectations, so that it can become a loyal permanent customer.

Kevin Lane Keller and Philip Kotler, both figures who have expertise in marketing management convey through the marketing management book that consumer satisfaction is a feeling of disappointment or pleasure every individual after comparing the performance of the products considered according to the expected product performance. Consumer satisfaction is the purpose of every company for the survival of each company.

Paying attention and increasing the level of customer satisfaction is very useful in the world of business competition. Companies with high levels of customer satisfaction tend to be superior to other competitors. Not only increasing, the company must also be able to maintain the stability of customer satisfaction levels to remain high.

High customer satisfaction volume increases the company’s sales so that cash flow flows profusely.

To find out what factors can increase the level of customer satisfaction, business owners need to pay attention to some internal and external details in the company.

Customer satisfaction indicator function

The function of paying attention to customer satisfaction indicators is very important in running a business and product business. By paying attention to customer satisfaction, businessmen and business owners can find out complaints and feedback from customers who receive services or products.

From complaints and input, companies can improve and improve the quality of consumer services and products offered to compete and outperform competitors. A good company provides facilities where consumers can convey input and complaints so that consumers feel their voices sound.

Customer surveys can also provide many improvements to the quality of the company’s services or products, both former customers and permanent customers.

In this practical digital era, companies can use this to open customer surveys or comment columns for suggestions and complaints so that companies can conduct more analysis of the level of customer satisfaction.

Factors that are indicators of customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction factors can be seen from the internal and external factors of the company. The thing that must be considered by the company in observing customer satisfaction is:

1. Product quality or service

Business owners are not just making business or business entities, but also must be able to maintain and improve the quality of the products or services offered to consumers so that consumers become permanent customers.

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2. Quality Customer Service

The quality of service needs consumers is also a measure of customer satisfaction. Consumers will be happy if they get responsive service quality for consumer and friendly needs.

3. Price

The price of the product or service provided is in accordance with the value of the product or service offered. Consumers are also happy with the price of relatively cheap goods or services. Especially if the company applies a promotional strategy that attracts the attention of consumers to buy the company’s products or services.

4. Easy accessibility

Consumers easily get services or products without additional costs and additional efforts. So it’s practical and easy to get. That way, it can increase the degree of ‘need’ because it is easily obtained without having to bother.

Customer Satisfaction Indicator Type

The type of customer satisfaction indicator can be divided into 2 types, namely functional and psychological. For more details, see the following brief explanation:

  • Functional: satisfaction obtained by customers from the product usage function. For example: drink because of thirst.
  • Psychological: Customer satisfaction obtained intangible / does not have physical. For example: a happy feeling of getting expensive console games that don’t have many people.

Strategy to maintain or improve customer satisfaction

After knowing the functions and types of customer satisfaction for business, it is time to learn how to keep consumers use services or products sold by business owners.

With many competitors and competitors with a variety of strategies for the continuity of the efforts of each business owner, adaptation and innovation is needed so that consumers do not get bored and satisfied with the products and services provided by the company. The following are strategies that can be applied to the continuity of entrepreneurs.

1. Offensif.

The offensive strategy will attract customer attention quickly. Earn customers with offers and promos that are interesting and profitable. In addition, the company can also explain newer facilities or services than before to encourage consumers to try.

The offensive strategy called the attacking strategy is usually focused on using the company’s costs to encourage promotions, advertisements, advertisements, leaflets, and billboards in a strategic location and many people are often seen.

The company also uses e-advertisement on social media to utilize the practicality of technology in the digital era. The promo given can be a gift, as an example of purchasing lotions products as much as a lot of rupiah gets a free merchandise owned by the company.

2. Defensive

Defensive or defensive strategies are often used by entrepreneurs to maintain existing customers. This is done by improving services and facilities for customer needs. The defensive strategy can be done in the following ways:

  • Provide souvenirs for customers who follow membership
  • Congratulations on religious holidays to customers
  • Improve building facilities or customer service

Entrepreneurs can foster relations with customers who have long used products or services with discounts so that customers are encouraged to use the services or products owned by the product.

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In addition, business owners or staff concerned can establish personal relations with consumers in order to anticipate changes in the expectations or needs of the majority of customers.

Business owners can encourage staff to meet customer expectations and establish relations to find it easier to know the needs of consumers in depth.

In addition to the business owner to know more personal consumer needs, business owners will be equipped with information about competitors and competitors who have the type of product or service with the business owner company.

By knowing the competitor’s strategy, business owners can create a more mature strategy to outperform competitors on created products

Another method is increasing the number of employees in Customer Care to make it easier for customers to deliver complaints and suggestions. Facilitate consumers to convey their suggestions and complaints will bring staff closer and business owners with consumers.


After knowing the strategy, function, type, and definition of customer satisfaction, of course finding out and observing customer satisfaction indicators is much easier to do than before learning about the importance of customer satisfaction.

Professional entrepreneurs will observe and listen to consumer needs to maintain the survival of the company. Over time, consumer needs often change depending on what is popular and needed at that time.

It’s a good idea to also pay attention to the trends and needs that are being discussed by their customers. Customer satisfaction indicators are important elements in the life of doing business and business development.

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