Customer satisfaction – Definition, type, strategy, factor, and function

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Customer satisfaction – Definition, type, strategy, factor, and function

Customer satisfaction Definition type strategy factor and function

What makes your business be considered good by competitors? One of them is not many customers who switch to competitors. So, competitors feel unable to compete with your business. This can happen because your business can pay attention to customer satisfaction. One factor that ultimately makes the business increasingly dart.

The impact that occurs, if customer satisfaction has been reached, the business is growing. In addition, you will also get many loyal customers. Therefore, it is still consistent to pay attention to customer satisfaction. If necessary, make customer satisfaction the main focus,

This article will discuss the definition, type, strategy, factor, until the functions needed to achieve customer satisfaction.

Definition of customer satisfaction

In general, customer satisfaction is when expectations are directly proportional to reality. If the customer hopes the product is desired by five-star results. One indicator is the result of your product is better than competitors.

What to remember is customer satisfaction. This is the key to the business to remain stable. Try to pay attention to competition in the business world. Who can obtain and retain customers, he can survive. If customer satisfaction is achieved, it will increase sales.

Therefore, to maintain customer satisfaction, you need the right type and strategy. So, your business remains stable and even develops in the future.

Customer satisfaction type

Two things are the type of customer satisfaction, namely:

  • Psychological: This satisfaction is intangible physically or material but a soul. For example, customers have a happy feeling when we get your product.
  • Functional: This satisfaction occurs because there is a function of the product. For example, customers will buy your product (culinary) because they feel hungry and thirsty.
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Customer satisfaction strategy

After knowing the type, you need to know the two customer satisfaction strategies. You need to do for a better business. So it can increase sales.

  • Offensive: The easiest way to attract customer attention is to provide the latest promo. In addition, hold discounts for certain products. The focus of this strategy is how to hook customers with promotional services. The form of promotion carried out can be via social media, website, or banner. Promo strategies will be more interesting if you provide gifts or merchandise.
  • Defensive: If offensive is interesting, defensive retains customers. One of them gives customers the latest service facilities. Examples of defensive strategies: provide congratulations and provide merchandise for membership. In addition, you can establish more personal relations. It is important to know whether habitual changes from customers will occur.

Customer satisfaction factors

There are at least four factors that are customer satisfaction. Among others are:

A. Price

It cannot be denied that the price is the main reason for customers to buy your product. If customers feel the price offered is even cheap, it doesn’t take a long time for customers. They will immediately transact with you.

B. Product quality or service

When you know the affordable price, what about the quality? This is the question. Often, business products can be achieved at affordable prices, but with mediocre quality. So, it would be better if the quality of qualities and prices were affordable.

C. Quality Customer Service

This is the main record for the business. How does Customer Service serve customers? What is following the company’s operational standards or not? If yes, it will have a good impact on business.

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D. Product or service accessibility

Is there an easiest way for customers to buy products? If anything, what are you? It also becomes a note to achieve satisfaction from them. Because of the era online, it would be better to all business transactions online too.

Customer satisfaction function

It’s a good way for you to evaluate. If your business wants to develop, provide a comment column. If there is a mistake in your business, immediately improve for a better business. In addition, use testimonials. You can get when there are customers who are truly satisfied both in terms of service and product quality.

You can also use a brief survey of how business services for customers. The results can be discussion material. If it’s good, keep and increase it. If it’s not good, you know the weakness and fix it. This is done to be able to compete even through competitors.

That is the definition, type, strategy, factor, and function of customer satisfaction that you need to know. In addition, you have also received the knowledge of why it is important to manage it. For your business to grow and increase the number of customers you don’t forget to advertise through the Froggy Ads service, you can start by advertising your product, so that later you can improve visitors in your online business portal. FROGGY ADS is an online advertising service that can help you control all your product campaigns. Helps you target the targeting target you want and give you many choices to market your product.