Customer Journey Mapping: Definition, Concept, and Benefits for Marketing

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Customer Journey Mapping Definition Concept and Benefits for Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping: Definition, Concept, and Benefits for Marketing

Customer Journey Mapping Definition Concept and Benefits for Marketing

Basically, Customer Journey Mapping is one of the important ways for every marketer or marketer in understanding and also building good relations with customers or consumers.

Quoted from the official Hubspot page, Customer Journey Map can help anyone in understanding what consumers need, what makes it doubt, and their worries before buying our products.

Because of its very important role, this time we will discuss completely about the customer journey map, starting from understanding, basic concepts and various other things about customer journey map in this article.

Understanding of customer journey mapping is

Thermore from the Sales Force page, Customer Journey Mapping is a visual representation in which reflecting all consumer experience or customer experience during their journey in using a product of goods or services that you provide.

By knowing the Journey Map customer, we can find out with a definite story about this customer experience more clearly.

This condition applies from the first time they recognize a brand or brand, until finally becoming a loyal customer in a very long period of time.

By understanding the relationship between business and consumers, you can provide directions in the process planning the most appropriate for customers so that your business goals can be achieved.

Consumer journey or customer Journey MAP is indeed not able to be done easily. You can’t guarantee that the scenario will always run smoothly from A to B linearly.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for consumer trips just advancing and just swirling, so it describes it also sometimes it becomes difficult.

Customer Journey Map can be made in a very simple way, such as using Sheet Excel which includes the main event, customer motivation, or friction that has occurred as long as customers use the product or service that the company offers.

Then, from there all types of information will be described or mapped more clearly. The thing that must always be underlined in making a customer journey map is that it is almost impossible to describe the whole perfectly.

For this reason, ideally Customer Journey Mapping is a method used to be able to capture persona or a general description of your customers.

Basic Concept of Customer Journey Map

Reporting from Visual Paradigm, the basic concept that should always be understood in making the customer journey map is a mapping of consumer journey through some of the point of cash with a product or service, the brand or brands, or companies with a variety of platforms until they are willing to take action or other matters desired by the company.

It is the goal or objective that companies want consumers to do in the end. The time needed from the initial stages of Customer Journey to the end can vary in each company.

Some people need time in just a few hours, and some others take up to days.

In the Customer Journey Map, the most important action is the purchase, order, or submission of questions that can show customer interest in a product.

In addition, the contact point is any contact available between customers or consumers with your business. This contact point can use advertisements, websites, social media or any information from everyone directly.

Why is Customer Journey Map Important?

Customer Journey Mapping is a very important thing, not only for sales or marketing teams, but also for various other positions, namely:

1. Designer

For the designer team, Customer Journey MAP has an important role in helping them understand the context of the customer. This will make the designer team better understand the big picture related to the customer’s background and what they are looking for from a product that the company offers to customers.

2. Copywriter.

The copywriter team can also use the Journey Map customer to understand what information wants to be conveyed by the customer and what they feel.

3. Manager

The manager can also use the Customer Journey Map to be able to visualize the outline of the trip and also the experience of every customer. So, managers will better understand consumers moving through the Sales Funnel.

This is important for the manager, because by understanding consumers better, then managers can identify any aspects that can be repaired so that the consumers can feel more comfortable when using the product offered by the company.

4. UX designer

By understanding the customer Journey Map, of course UX designers will also be greatly benefited. Why? Because they can help identify various aspects that are not liked by customers when navigating in an application or the company’s official website.

So, broadly the customer Journey Map is an important thing to be used in order to help companies understand every customer or consumer.

By using the Customer Journey Map, a company will know the customer’s priority and how to make a product or system that is in accordance with the customer so that their satisfaction can be achieved.

With the achievement of customer satisfaction, the company will be able to develop more rapidly.

How to Make a Customer Journey Map Effective

The first thing you should always remember about Customer Journey Map is not forever this visualization map is accurate or appropriate. So what’s important is to make a customer journey folder that can describe the reality of as accurate as possible.

Avoid making customer journey maps that are too complicated. Besides having to be easy to understand, customer journey map must also be made with more interesting visualization.

The aim is to ensure that consumers are the main role in telling the map of this customer. It is classified as important to always be closely in mind all people who use the Journey Map customer.

However the customer Journey Map you make, the tool must be able to display various statistical data and various evidence of anecdotes.

Each data and evidence must be able to clearly show the needs of consumers and various interactions that occur between the company and customers.

The benefits of understanding the customer journey map is

Some of the benefits you will feel when understanding the Journey Map customer are as follows:

1. Make brands better understand customers

By making a Journey Map customer, you will know more about what is actually contained in your customer’s mind. In addition, this tool will also help you understand various questions such as:

  • What exactly is the customer’s goal?
  • What are the important points of customers?
  • What do they feel when it reaches a certain point in the ad campaign done by you?

When you find out the various Jawan, you will be more helped in doing planning or changing marketing strategies to be more effective.

Every positive experience of consumers at each stage in the Customer Journey Map will be able to provide important benefits for the company.

2. Can identify problems from products or services

We certainly understand that none of the products or perfect processes. Even though there are some who have achieved success, this is able to affect this success due to changes in the market. It is also an answer to why the development of a brand or product is very important to continue.

Well, one of the benefits of understanding customer journey mapping is you can handle various weaknesses of the company.

And in order to achieve this desire then you need Customer Insight. Where you have to be able to see from the customer’s glasses to be able to identify various things so they can make further changes.

3. Make a better customer experience

Other benefits that you will feel when understanding Customer Journey Maping is able to provide a better experience for your customers.

When you know why customers can recognize it to be willing to use the product or service you offer, you can make or change your marketing strategy to be able to provide a more maximum experience for them.

Changes you can do may be small, such as changing the call to action button on your ad, or make major changes such as the new process so that customer needs can be fulfilled well.

But in the end, a good understanding of Customer Journey Map is able to help you to be able to communicate with your customers more empathy until finally able to increase public trust in your brand.

4. Reducing costs but encourages results

Every fish campaign that is done certainly has the goals to be achieved, and by applying a good marketing strategy by pursuing customer travel will help you increase the effectiveness of ongoing marketing campaigns.

Why? Because by guaranteeing the Journey Map customer, then you will try more to make a good experience on your customers in every advertising campaign you are doing.

For this reason, by understanding the Journey Map customer, then you will be more effective in using your marketing financial budget or budget.

Just imagine when you run a Facebook Ads ad campaign, the large budget you spend might make the ad seen many audiences, but the relevance in it will also be very important.

When you can target a more relevant audience, your advertising performance will also be better and the cost you spend is smaller.


Thus a complete description of our Customer Journey Map. So, we can conclude that the Customer Journey Map is a visual representation in it reflecting all consumer experience or customer experience during their journey in using a product of goods or services that you provide.

By understanding the customer Journey Map is good, then you can save the financial budget for your products or promotion. However, you still have to be able to manage the budget well so that the company’s financial condition can remain healthy.

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