Customer Journey: Definition and How to Application

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Customer Journey: Definition and How to Application

Customer Journey Definition and How to Application

As we already know together that customers are kings and kings will always do what they want, right? However, the reality is, not all companies can serve the king well. That is, many companies do not know exactly what customers want. Furthermore, consumers will run to competitors who are able to serve the king well.

If your consumers act like that, then don’t be discouraged. You always have the opportunity to fix it. The trick is to learn and apply customer journey in your company. How about? or what is customer journey? Read this article until the end, yes!

What is Customer Journey?

As the name suggests, Customer Journey is a consumer trip when interacting with your brand. From the first start they see your brand, see your product, make a purchase, until they succeed in making a transaction. So, it can be said that understanding the Customer Journey theory is to understand the mindset of your customers.

Do you have thought that the process of transactions is only limited to consumers seeing your ad in a place or media, then they decide to buy it? Maybe the assumption is true for decades. But, now consumer trips become much more complex than you think.

Try understanding consumers with customers Journey Map

Customer Journey Map – which will then be abbreviated as CJM – is a picture of the customer Journey itself. CJM is created to track customer steps when interacting with your product. CJM is not always 100% accurate, because not all your customers have the same behavior. But at least you can get a picture of your customers as a whole more clearly.

CJM is made by taking all data from your customers and potential customers. Then, turn it into an illustration to be easily understood by anyone. This data can be used to use directly to consumers in the form of surveys, research on social media, or use analysis tools on websites such as Google Analytics.

By utilizing CJM then you will be able to know the mindset of the mind of the consumer, their motivation, and what steps they have taken to get their goals. Or if consumers fail in its purpose, CJM can help them arrive at that destination. Remember that your consumers must always be prioritized.

How to Make a Customer Journey Map

The following are the steps you must do to make CJM in your business.

Make a Persona Buyer

CJM is a solution to determine the mood and mindset of your customers more in-depth. Therefore, it is very important to know who your customers are. Well, the best way to know your customers is to make the buyer’s person.

Persona Buyer itself is a representation of all the behavior of the consumption target obtained from the research carried out thoroughly. In other words, you must create a customer profile and make them real.

Determine the buyer’s persona

This depends on the business you are running, because there are lots of buyers’ person. Therefore, the next step that must be done in making CJM is focusing on one or two buyer’s persona.

Why? Because CJM will pay attention in detail the steps of your consemise when interacting with your brand specifically. If you enter all the buyer’s persona, then your CJM will be very unclear and confusing.

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Well, to load your first CJM, choose the most common buyer personone and describe most of the target markets. For a while, don’t worry about other buyers’ persona, because later you can make other CJMs with more unique and specific personones.

Expose the all touchpoint

Touchpoint is a point where your consumers have interacted with your brand in customer journey. For example, your touchpoint is when prospective customers first know your brand from the ad you created, or when customers contact your customer service feature.

Describing all touchpoints is a very important step because it can help you provide a smooth trip every step of your customer Journey. For example, when consumers pass more touchpoint than you expect, maybe that means your website is too complicated and some must be changed.

There are three steps you need to do in determining the touchpoint:


Make any list of actions that your consumers do to be able to interact with your brand. For example, do a search on Google or click on the e-mail you send. This list can be very much, but you can pursue it later. For now, your first focus is to make this list as much as possible.

Emotions and motivations

All actions taken by your consumers are basically always based on emotions and motivation. This emotion can also vary depending on the extent to which they travel.

Well, this emotional change will later cause a midway problem. Therefore, you must know their problems and provide a solution at the right time so that the emotions of consumers can become more stable.


You must know the obstacles of consumers to achieve their goals. One of the most common obstacles is the price. Examples are when consumers already like your product but are constrained by expensive shipping prices, then they don’t buy your product

If you already know the consumer’s obstacles, you will be able to minimize it. Still using the example above, you can create a page information about why shipping costs are expensive. Maybe because of insurance, or wooden packaging. In this way, consumers will understand more and will take consideration to buy your product.


Determine what type of CJM you want to display

There are four types of CJM that you can choose according to your needs and goals.

  • Current Condition (Current State)

This type of CJM is often used by the company. This type describes actions, thoughts and feelings that are currently feeling when they feel interacting with your brand.

  • Daily conditions (Day in the Life)

This CJM presents the actions, thoughts and feelings of consumers in all daily activities. So, it’s not limited to interacting with your brand.

  • Condition in the future (Future State)

This type of CJM describes you about your sense of confidence about your consumer’s actions, thoughts and feelings in the future when interacting with your brand.

  • Service Framework (Blueprint Service)

This CJM contains a simple summary of three types of CJM above. Then explain some factors underlying your consumer experience. Of the types of people, policies, technology, to various processes that your customers have to pass.

Try doing Journey Customer in yourself

How can you know if your CJM is right if you don’t try it for yourself? Therefore, try the CJM to you first.

In this way, you can analyze the results to determine whether there is a possibility of change or not. So, when applied to your customers, your CJM is perfect and can offer a solution. As a result, consumers can achieve the goals they want.

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Make a change

The five steps above will be in vain if you do not apply the changes proposed by your CJM. Because the main utter of CJM is to change what must be changed so that it can increase customer satisfaction.

These changes can be large or small. Like, starting from writing a clearer product description to reshape the entire design of your website site so that it becomes simpler and more responsive.

Remember, the changes made on the basis of the CJM always have good value. Because everything is in direct contact with your customers. So don’t be afraid to make changes. The world and people will continue to change every day, then your business future must also change.

Always developed

After you have finished making CJM, then you can relax. Because, consumer behavior always changes depending on the conditions it faces. It could be that there is new technology that makes it easier to shop online. Or suddenly all over the world experiences a pandemic like now, and changes consumer behavior in interaction with your brand.

Therefore, we recommend that you conduct CJM checks every month or every three months. So you can add or reduce CJM with your current business conditions.

Customer Journey is very important!

In making CJM, you can know the state of consumer mind in more detail so you know what to do to be able to interact with consumers so that your business can run more smoothly. If it can be applied smoothly, consumers will be satisfied, and finally they will be loyal to you.

However, do you know that customer experience is just a small step for the success of your online business? There is a lot of business success online tips that you can apply to be more great than your competitors.

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