Customer Acquisition Strategies to Win New Customers

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3. The whole point this is the prioritisation of your goals. I would never recommend taking a genuinely useful piece of content that you’re seeing great results from after which just flipping it into your product page for the sake of it. If your main enterprise goal is to drive product signups and the top conversion channel for them is via advertisement keywords coming to product pages then this choice becomes a load more favourable.

What I’m not saying is, “flip all your blog content into your product pages”. Instead, if you’re main aim is to reinforce organic traffic to your product pages or any page for that matter and also you ave a number of content that has links but offer little else, then go along with this. 1. No. Keep the content on each page separate.

2. As long as the product page is highly applicable then it’s likely to seize the scores of the blog post. Note that this doesn’t always happen like for like. The less identical the two pages are, the much more likely that the ratings might not absolutely miss. My advice this is to evaluate no matter if the knowledge gain on the product page is worth losing the scores on the bog post. 3.

This was just one example, but I was referring to more ‘newsjacking’ types of content. Stuff that’s topical for a period of time and then turns into fairly lifeless. An example could be a data viz on Black Friday sales – and yes, the tactic for links would be press outreach.

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