CSR is: understanding and type-type CSR

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CSR is: understanding and type-type CSR

CSR is understanding and type type CSR

Every operational activity carried out by the company must certainly be accounted for to each company, ranging from shareholders, employees, consumers, governments, to the general public. Well, Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR is one form of accountability.

So, CSR is a form of accountability that must be carried out by the company on each party around it by conducting a program that has benefits.

So, have you ever heard of the term CSR? Well, if not and you want to understand more about CSR, then see the article about this CSR until it’s finished.

The definition of CSR is

As previously explained, CSR is one form of social responsibility from the company’s management for each stakeholder and every other party has interests.

The various parties referred to in this case are the company’s shareholders, company employees, consumers, governments and communities contained in the company’s scope.

The form of responsibility as outlined in CSR is by carrying out various activities that include operational activities in various fields, such as social, economic, up to the environment.

Based on the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, CSR is an activity carried out by the management of the Company as a sense of corporate responsibility to the social or environmental environment where the company carries out its operational activities.

So, simply, CSR is a social accountability from the company carried out to provide benefits to the parties around the company by carrying out various useful programs.

The aim of CSR is

In carrying out and carrying out the CSR program, the company must have several specific goals. However, generally the purpose of CSR is as follows.

1. Citra and the company’s good name

The first goal of CSR is to continue to maintain the good name of the company before the public. Generally, the CSR program carried out by the company to achieve this goal is to display that the company is a party that parties are responsible.

In addition, by conducting a CSR program, the company can increase the positive image in the environment and also from each stakeholder. So, it will greatly affect the development of companies in the future.

2. Maintain good relationships with stakeholders

The next objective of the CSR program is to be able to maintain and maintain good relations with stakeholders.

With the CSR program, it will be created a relationship that is more friendly with the company’s environment and is able to provide great benefits for the community in developing and empowering them.

3. Resolve problems contained in the surrounding environment

The construction of a company will certainly involve many parties that are in the surrounding environment. Well, one of the objectives of CSR is to help solve the problems around it.

This problem facing can come from various sides, ranging from social, environmental, up to the economy. The presence of the CSR program is one form of company to help resolve any problems in the surrounding community.

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The benefits of CSR are

The CSR program is carried out not done to meet various goals above. But, every stakeholder related to the company will also be able to feel the positive impact of the company’s CSR program.

Well, some of the benefits of CSR are as follows.

1. For companies

The benefits of CSR for companies there are three, namely to open employment opportunities that are as broad as other parties, as a promotional media for companies, and also make new innovations in the form of certain programs.

2. For the community

For the community, the benefits of CSR are to improve welfare in various aspects, the surrounding environment becomes more attention and also more awake, and they can directly feel the benefits of the empowerment program and also the development provided by the company.

3. For other parties

The CSR program not only provides benefits to the company and the community, but also for shareholders, consumers and governments, for shareholders, the company will obtain a positive image, so that it can increase the possibility of investors.

For consumers, they will increase their belief in the company. As for the government, they will be helped by the implementation of development through various programs contained in various fields, such as the social, economic and environmental fields.

The types of CSR activities are

In the process of implementation, the type of CST activity is divided into five. The five types of CSR activities are as follows:

1. Cause Promotions

We can interpret this type of CSR as a company’s effort to increase the level of awareness of a problem. Other destinations of this type of CSR are as a promotional media for the company.

In carrying out this type of CSR, the company will provide a number of funds and also resources to support social activities, such as donation activities and community service activities.

2. Cause Related Marketing

The company that conducts this type of CSR program has the purpose of continuing to commit to providing a number of benefits based on sales of a particular product in order to support community social activities.

The donated funds will later be given to the parties involved.

3. Corporate Societal Marketing

Corporate Societal Marketing is a CSR carried out by the company with a campaign form. Generally, the form of campaign conducted by the company shaped environment, health, or various other issues.

The purpose of this CSR is to help support the occurrence of changes in the community in a better direction.

4. Corporate Philanthropy.

This type of CSR is carried out by the company in the form of contributions carried out directly by disbursing funds. Some examples of this type of CSR are Charity programs, donations, and assistance in any form.

5. Community Volunteering.

The type of CSR volunteering is a CSR carried out by the company in the form of free services to the environment. Generally, the company will involve every employee to want to set aside time voluntarily in various activities that can support the surrounding environmental sustainability.

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Examples of CSR program activities

  • Economics: Develop MSMEs, Savings and Business Cooperatives and Business, and provide a number of capital funds for businesses.
  • The health sector: do a blood donor program, vaccination for free, and treatment for free.
  • Environmental fields: Conducting waste management programs, 1000 trees planting programs and building land.
  • Education field: Providing scholarship programs, capability training, and seminars in the field of education.
  • Infrastructure fields: Building a house of worship, building public facilities, and repairing public roads.
  • Field of Culture: Holding an Art Festival, empower and develop artists, and preserve artwork.


CSR is a form of social responsibility from the company’s management to stakeholders and other parties with an interest in it, such as shareholders, consumers, employees, government and the wider community.

This CSR program can be carried out by the company by carrying out operational activities in various fields, from the social, economic, up to the environment.

In conducting the CSR program, of course the company has various objectives, including in order to increase the image of the company, maintain good relationships with stakeholders, and resolve various problems that exist around.

Some examples of CSR activities which are generally carried out by the company are developing MSMEs in terms of economics, organizing treatment for free, carrying out a 1000 tree planting program, providing scholarship programs, and carrying out road construction.

In conducting this CSR program, of course the company must be able to report fund management or financial statements. Well, this is done as a form of corporate responsibility to stakeholders and as a form of transparency of the continuity of the CSR program.

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